What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are a pure source of love, wisdom & ancient healing. A high frequency field of energy and information that can be accessed for soul-level clarity and healing. 

This field of information contains the record of the soul and all choice points the soul has created up to this point- including negative choices.

These negative choices create karmic patterns, blocks, illusions, and a myraid of other energetic limitations.

Working with the Akashic Records however reminds you both of the power you poses as a soul in this human experience, and your ability to create life on your terms.

The Akashic Field will energetically upgrade your body, mind, and emotions as you realign to greater soulful authentic expression in every area of life.

 How Is This Approach Unique?

 The Akashic Women’s School approach combines the ancient healing wisdom of the Akashic Records, infused with the love based teachings of the divine feminine to support the restoration, rise and reawakening of greater love, unity, prosperity, passion, pleasure and connection with you, others and on the planet as a whole.

 In addition woven into the frame work of this healing system is Akashic Field work & body wisdom methods for emotional release, and feminine embodiment.

The Akashic Records are considered the planets deepest healing resource.

Seeping through the cracks of modern society is the return of the ancient wisdom of the Akashic Records.

Once only thought to be accessed by seers and very few mystics, the Akasha is making a more prominent return to assist with the accelerated healing needed on the planet at this time providing deep soul level, subconscious, cellular healing that gets to the VERY root of deeply entrenched soul-level block

What is The Process Like?

In order to restore the feminine blueprint within (and globally) we can benefit immensely from having another woman reflect back to us our buried beauty, power, wisdom, sense of innate clarity and the gifts held within.

This is the power of space holding.

This while simultaneously untangling layers of lifetimes of energetic blocks holding us back from the  evolution of our soul’s purpose combined with the Akashic Records, embodied tools,  divine feminine wisdom and sacred support provides a foundation for another woman to rise into her highest evolution–liberating the feminine soul of the planet at this time. 

If we are to experience a rapid acceleration of freedom, balanced power, and prosperity past any generations before us here on the planet at this time, then we need deep healing tools. We need healing work that gets to the deepest subconscious, sou-level, cellular aspect of our being.

We need the rise of those that feel called to participate in the planets healing at this time to step forward, to shed the layers of past programming, conditioning and limitation, and say YES to their radiance, prosperity and power. 

1. What does it mean to be an Akashic Women's Guide?

It mean’s you will be supporting other women in sacred space holding as they find their own vision, tap into their own desires, and ignite their own intuition.

As an Akashic Women’s Guide you are not only working with the deepest healing tool on the planet to  untangle energetic strands of soul level blocks, illusions, karmic & generational patterns but supporting other women in shifting from old paradigm ways of being rooted in pain, drain, limitation, disconnection, lack and isolation.

You are a sacred guide for their soul path!

2. Who is the Akashic Women's School for?

It’s for any woman who feels called to rise in her sacred feminine leadership.

She feels in her bones a new world emerging based on feminine priciples and consciousness and wants to a part of the collective shift.

You could be new to your sacred path, or have travelled wide and far through the spiral of your own feminine landscape.

The Flower Of Life Certification through the Akashic Women’s School will give you one of the planets deepest healing tools combined with a powerful feminine lens for supporting her sacred rise within yourself, other women and the global collective.

This work restores the feminine blueprint for humanity, liberating the soul into the unity consciousness that is currently being seeded on the planet now.

It’s starts first and foremost with the awakneing of the empowered feminine parterned with a new relationship to empowered masculine principles and the understanding of our true divine nature.

3. Can I make money doing this work?

Yes! When you complete the Akashic Women’s School curriculum and certify through Flower Of Life Akashic level 1 – you will immediately be able to charge for single sessions or smaller packages as well.

Single sessions can run anywhere from $75 to $250 and up!

In level one we focus on value not just the tool but your sacred feminine wisdom as well. There are Feminine Prosperity Group Activation that focus on money and it’s woven into the curriculum so you leave feeling prepared to offer this work in exchange for money!

However Level 2 and 3 take you through a deeper self soul level journey that you can then take, turn around and offer to others through the creation of your own high value signature offer  that weaves in your own journey as a guide through this experience as well as the tools, processes and feminine embodied practices given to you through this program.

When you finish you have everything you need to create your very own soul based business as the authentic expression of you combining single sessions, group work and high value signature offer infused with the medicine of your soul’s purpose as well as Akashic Record work.

You will learn how to pull it all together to begin generating a prosperous online, freedom based business that you can do from anywhere in the world in service to others, while making a great living!


4. Do I have to complete all three levels of the certification?


Level 1 gives you everything you need to begin charging for single sessions, or to read, and clear your own akashic record as well.

Level 2 and 3 take you much deeper into your own journey, while giving you everything you need to create a business that holds the unqiue grid of your own soul’s purpose.

You have the option to purchase Level 1 only OR investment in the entire 3 level certification program at a one time savings and a very special bonus.

You may continue on with Level 2 & 3 at a later date should you feel the call, however the pricing structure will be different.

5. How do the Akashic Records clear trauma stored in the body?
The reason that the Akashic Records are so brilliant at healing feminine trauma at the somatic (body level) is because it is also inter woven with the subconscious/cellar aspect.
This is extremely powerful because trauma is held at the subconscious level both memories and the trauma (which is also the level of the soul).
So when we clear and untangle subconscious patterns we are assisting with the resolution of the trauma in a way where the pain can be dissolved in a very deep core way.
The subconscious is also somatic because it dwells in the fabric of the body at the cellular level.
I’ve seen this over and over again with women. And it’s the reason why deep space holding and time to unravel stories is SO important when it comes to not only clearing the stories but allowing for space to process the pain around the stories.


Meet Tara Preston, Founder Of The Akashic Women's School

Tara Preston is the creatrix of the Flower Of Life Akashic Healing System & founder of the Akashic Women’s School, who over the last 10 years has done approx 5,000 Akashic reading & healing sessions.

She is a 6 multi – 6 figure spiritual business owner, who has spent the last decade working with women at soul-level through one of kind life reinvention transformational packages and Akashic Record work.

She guides other women through major life transformations that paves the way for next level prosperity, leadership and legancy work all while rooting deeply into the power of their divine feminine magic.

THE AKASHIC WOMEN’S SCHOOL  was created for those woman who feel guided to rise in their sacred feminine leadership at this time on the planet and work with the Records for both their own personal healing and empowerment, as well as to facilitate that on behalf of others building in a lucrative income stream with this deeply powerful work.

 She weaves the spiritual healing power of not only the Akashic Records, and many other healing tools and feminine embodiment practices to assist her clients in healing deep collective feminine core wounds, and soul-level rooted patterns. By doing this she is able to facilitate deep and transformational work that allows her clients to feel free, powerful, and beautiful in the expression of their purpose in both life & business, something she is deeply passionate about sharing through the Akashic Women’s School.


 “Tara, what you have put together here is incredible! I can see this being offered through some really big channels. I am loving this work. It’s powerful”.  Valarie Endemann, Artist & Initiated Priestess

“I feel empowered to bring my gifts and this work to clients. I have felt very safe, support and heard. You are always available as a teacher. Your presence is very authentic, inspiring and caring. Thank you!” Lucie Kolmacka, Akashic Women’s Guide & R.N

“Tara is a very loving, supportive guide/mentor/teacher who cares about the growth of her students immensely- and that’s not always easy to find those qualities in a teacher”.

One who clearly sees you, your potential and supports you to get beyond the blocks that have been keeping you from seeing and acting on that very potential”

Melissa Hewison, Certified Akashic Women’s Guide, Energy Healer, Creator Of Sweet Soul Sister

The divine feminine is reclaiming her right to be here and within each one of us AT THIS TIME. the Flower Of Life Akashic Certification Program(tm) provides a soulful blueprint for her radiant rise individually & collectively.

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