Become a soul guide for women in their awakening journey.


Move through your own deep soul level transformation then support other women in theirs!

 Have you ever dreamed of becoming a soulful wisdom guide and intuitive space holder for the deep healing of other women?

Do you desire to open to your natural healing gifts, intuition, and sacred prosperous path, and then serve other women through a lucrative income stream or sacred business as well?

Are you ready to release deep soul level energetic patterns, karmic baggage, and ancestral painwhile helping other women do the same?

The Flower of Life Akashic Certification Program is a 9 month, soul-level healing container that uses the ancient healing wisdom of the Akashic Records, infused as a foundation, with divine feminine teachings to gently, but rapidly shift beyond collective feminine pain patterns.

Through this certification program you will integrate new levels of soulful embodiment that supports flourishing freedom, power and prosperity for yourself and your clients.

Through the Flower Of Life 9 Moon Certification Program you will journey through personal layers of deep soul-level self healing that not only include feminine wounding so prevalent in our individual and collective pain body, BUT will include as you move through the program deep layers of healing around  money, the masculine, inner child healing and new paradigm business basics.

Then you will turn around to create a beautiful signature high value offer, or Flower Of Life Akashic Record business to support your own blooming soul’s purpose while helping other women bloom in theirs!

This is how the blueprint of the Flower Of Life restores.

Through out the 9 Months we will journey through:

  • Reading, clearing and working with Akashic Record and the Akashic Record of others for deep soul-level clearing work
  • Akashic Field activations to awaken new energetic states, and unlock key frequencies in your field for a new level of consciounsess to support your rise at this time of global awakening.
  • Ancestral lineage work
  • Body wisdom connection
  • Embodiment as way to energetically align to your next soul level vision
  • Spiritual DNA activation through the clearing of your chakra system
  • Higher Self connection for clear soul path navigation
  • Greater expression of your soul Self in your physical experience, relationships, etc
  • Space holding to support sacred feminine leadership
  • The energetics of soul-level transformation (as you move through your own)
  • Layers of core collective feminine/masculine wounding
  • Exploration and understanding of feminine trauma in the system and how the records heal
  • Working with the goddess in the Akashic Field for activation’s and wisdom transmissions.
  • The herstory of the feminine on the planet and how that has influenced the world today
  • Group Akashic Activation’s & Clearing work (that you can do for your family), and as an extension of your business through Flower Of Life Full Moon Akashic Circle’s
  • Inner child clearing work
  • Relationship clearing work
  • New Paradigm Money Teachings, and clearing work
  • Advanced Akashic Record clearing work
  • Advanced Akashic Shamanic Journeying in the Akashic Field
  • ChristoSophia attunement as you drop into unity consciousness and into a NEW paradigm of feminine freedom, power and prosperity.
  • The creation of your own High Value Signature offer woven with the medicine and tools from your certification journey.
  • The Blueprint for your own Flower Of Life Akashic Business!


    Included with the Flower Of Life 9 Moon Certification Program is a 1 year access to the She ROSE Collective.

    This is an intimate container for your own journey where you will have access to Tara for on-going support.

    In addition, as an added layer to amplify your certification process & personal transformation being included is:

  • 12 Flower Of Life Akashic Full Moon Activations with guided journeys, Akashic Field Activations & Clearing work as well as live q & A time to support your path ($1200)
  • The NEW Akasha Rising – Unlock The 8 Keys To Sacred Feminine Prosperity New Moon Creativity, Movement & Group Clearing work Circles. ($997)

    Both of these layers are designed to unleash your soul expression, and energetically make-over your entire life into alignment with your next level.

The container for this program is kept small to ensure the highest level of personalized support! As such only 13 women are accepted into this certification program each year.

Are you ready to fast track your sacred feminine soul path?

Rise into your next level leadership?

Breakthrough into greater prosperity?

Open a powerful NEW stream of income that you can do from anywhere in the world?


The TOTAL VALUE of the Flower Of Life Akashic Certification Program is $6500.00 USD.


$3500.00 USD
(No Interest on payment plans. A variety of payment plans to choose from).

 Now is the time…

Now is your time to live in the free, full expression of your pleasure, beauty, purpose, prosperity and the radiance of true divine feminine POWER!

The good news is the rise of the Divine Feminine is here and we are truly entering the golden age of  ROYAL feminine power.

SHE is waiting for you.

The way of love, unity, connection, joyful purpose, and prosperity is yours to walkand to share with others, should you choose through your own path of service.

Currently, there is a deep ache on the planet that collectively we can feel.

There is a yearning for a return to great love, freedom, unity, beauty, abundance, and wholeness. The re-emergence of the Divine Feminine is here to assist once again. As we restore the wounding in the collective, and create a new balance of power and prosperity within ourselves and on the planet we shift into a NEW paradigm of liberated soul.

 So much of the healing needed today extends past this current timeline, reaching back many, many generations, and even past lives before now.

 More so that previous generations, women are being given the opportunity to experience great healing and empowerment. However, this is often easier said than done when it comes to rooting into an entirely NEW paradigm of living that often extends beyond the energetic dynamics of our family lineage, in particular the matriarchal lineage.

The pain and suffering of the feminine carried along the ancestral matriarchal line is held deep within our cellular DNA. Suppression of the feminine, in place for many generations and lifetimes, runs deep. For many women, a feeling of energetic burden or deep wounding prevents them from fully creating a life of prosperity, purpose, and power.

As a direct result, women often find themselves looping through self-sabotaging pain patterns of disconnect, poverty consciousness, limitation, feeling drained, constant doing, and sacrifice.

And, up until now many, many generations of spiritual women suffered dire consequences for standing in their truth and living their authentic purpose. Our Mothers and generations of Mothers before them very often stayed limited in their most fulfilled expression due to the caretaking tendencies of everyone around them. This often left them feeling guilty for putting their dreams, needs, and desires before others. Unfortunately, this conditioning is still deep within the patterning of many women, making it challenging to put their own SOULFUL fulfillment before that of others.

The feminine has, for far too long, been deduced to “servant girl”, when really she is here to powerfully, and abundantly LEAD as Queen!

Our deep soulful desires and sacred vision is needed now more than ever if we are to change the collective story and rise into radiance as we birth a new paradigm of feminine prosperity (and healing) on the planet.

BUT, that starts with us. Individually we come back into our sacred SOVEREIGNTY as women who feel the call to rise in our vision for higher healing, and global rebirth.

Our path starts THERE. As we align to our highest soul vision for this lifetime, healing the layers, and activating our ROYAL Queen Codes (and even King Codes) we can then turn around in service to others as a fully embodied extension of true sacred leadership!

Which is EXACTLY what the Flower Of Life Akashic Certification Program is designed to do.

It’s NOT just a certification program, it’s a PERSONAL Transformation as well!

It’s time to break free!

As a result of all of this history (both soul history experiences and lineage experiences) often weighted energetic gunk needs to be cleared.

This inlcudes:

  • outdated soul-contracts
  • illusions
  • beliefs
  • vows
  • co-dependency aggrements
  • energetic patterns & relationship entaglment
  • old karma bagagge creating repeat patterns
  • other energetic drains weighing us down.

We are EVOLVING past ANY exeperience the feminine has had for a LONG time on the planet.

And if we are to do so with rapid but graceful ease- DEEP spiritual power healing tools are needed!


Personal soul-level patterns, ancestral and collective wounding are held in our cellular memory and at the subconscious/soul level. Each soul has an Akashic Record that is held in an energetic 5th dimensional library of infinite wisdom.

The Akashic Record of each soul holds the memories, choice points, and traumatic experiences of the soul and once cleared, offers the deepest level of healing, then opening up the way for rapid (but gentle) energetic shifts that support the changes desired along a woman’s evolving sacred path – only now we are not bumping up against the vibration blocks that are held at the deepest level of our being experience greater ease, and fulfillment as we move forward.

Sacred Feminine Space Holding & Akashic Record Work Become KEY to supporting another woman in rising into her MOST powerful Self…

In order to restore the feminine blueprint within (and globally) we can benefit immensely from having another woman reflect back to us our buried beauty, power, wisdom, sense of innate clarity and the gifts held within. This while simultaneously untangling layers of lifetimes of energetic blocks holding us hostage in past ways of being that do not serve our highest evolution creates accelerated SOUL LEVEL growth.

If we are to experience a rapid acceleration of freedom, balanced power, and prosperity past any generations before us  here on the planet at this time, then we need deep healing tools. We need healing work that gets to the deepest subconscious, sou-level, cellular aspect of our being.

We need the rise of those that feel called to participate in the planets healing at this time to step forward, to shed the layers of past programming, conditioning and limitation, and say YES to their radiance, prosperity and power.

Being in the radiant intelligent substance of the Akasha field alone produces a gentle transmission of healing and attunement that assistance with clarity, as well as release.



The need for deep healing on the planet like never before.


The need for deep healing tools to assist the collective in breaking free past any generations before us of poverty, sacrifice, dis-empowerment, limitation or scarcity.


The call as a modern woman to walk your sacred prosperous FREE path in service and from a cup that overflows with energy, passion, purpose, abundance and energy.



Included with the Flower Of Life 9 Moon Certification Program is a 1 year access to the She ROSE Collective.

  • This is an intimate container for your own journey where you will have access to Tara for on-going support.

    In addition, as an added layer to amplify your certification process & personal transformation being included is:

  • 12 Flower Of Life Akashic Full Moon Activations with guided journeys, Akashic Field Activations & Clearing work as well as live q & A time to support your path ($1200)
  • The NEW Akasha Rising – Unlock The 8 Keys To Sacred Feminine Prosperity New Moon Creativity, Movement & Group Clearing work Circles. ($997)Both of these layers are designed to unleash your soul expression, and energetically make-over your entire life into alignment with your next level.

The container for this program is kept small to ensure the highest level of personalized support! As such only 13 women are accepted into this certification program each year.


BUT if you haven’t’ heard the Early Bird Investment is back for the NEXT 3 Days!
$3500 USD

(No Interest on payment plans. A variety of payment plans to choose from).

The Flower Of Life Akashic

Certification 9 Moon Program

Combines the loving high frequency, creative intellengece of the Akashic Field, with Akashic Record work, infused with the love based teachings of the divine feminine to support the restoration, rise and reawakening of greater love, unity, prosperity, passion, pleasure and connection with you, then those you serve,  with a contribution to the blueprint of a new paradigm grid on the planet as a whole.

The Akashic Records are considered the planets deepest healing resource. Seeping through the cracks of modern society is the return of the ancient wisdom of the Akashic Records.

This pure source of love, wisdom and ancient healing will beautifully assist your path, as a sacred women in today’s evolving modern world.

Working in the energy of the Akasha connects you to a high frequency source of healing that will energetically upgrade your body, mind, and emotions as you realign to greater soulful authentic expression in every area of life.

Once only thought to be accessed by seers and very few mystics, the Akashic Records (different than the Akasha field) are making a more prominent return to assist with the accelerated healing needed on the planet at this time providing deep soul level, subconscious, cellular healing that gets to the VERY root of deeply entrenched soul-level blocks.

Working with your Akashic Record and the Akashic Records of others allows you to untangle energetic strands of soul level blocks, illusions, karmic & generational patterns that have you bumping up against layers of pain, drain, limitation, lack and isolation.

 The Flower Of Life Akashic Certification Program was amazing in building my confidence and intuition. I was able to learn how to direct/focus my intuitive abilities. I feel more centered and grounded, thus trusting myself more. I also have a process now that I didn’t have before. Whenever I fall into doubt or fear. I know exactly what to do. I can get back into a flow with much ease and synchronicity. Something I’ve always struggled with. The yo-yo syndrome?! Lol!

I feel much more quickly and deeply what my next steps are… I feel empowered to bring my talent and this work to clients and no longer get stuck on the minor details, delaying the process. My actions are more purposeful and I really feel much more aligned with my truth.

Throughout this journey I felt very safe, supported, and heard. You are always available and quick to reply. Tara’s presence …is very authentic, inspiring, and caring. I feel you are very invested. You share so much knowledge. This work is really transformative!! I loved the different tools that you brought in: inner child work, timeline activations, using elements, moon cycles, ceremony, etc etc. It all really speaks to my soul. 


Edmonton, AB

Are you ready to:


Open up a lucrative new income stream (build a spiritual business) to support your freedom & flourishing feminine purpose?


Harness the power of soul level transformation for your next level sacred feminine leadership and that of your clients?


Access NEW levels of higher wisdom, activate deeper body intelligence  & embody more of your essence to super charge your evolution as a guide for other woman?


Clear deeply entrenched soul level patterns, while reprogramming your subconscious to new levels of feminine power, purpose and prosperity for your sacred path as a modern day women while helping others women through do the same?

Here is the thing…

To walk your sacred path requires that you begin to work with not just your MIND, but with your SOUL, and your heart. It’s a feminine way of being that once tapped into allows you to birth your purposeful life (and business) from the inside out,.

And all with so much more ease, pleasure, and fun!

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a society that supports this way of being – YET. No, we live in a patriarchal society that has existed for almost 5,000 years. This means that women we have been conditioned to do things from a male perspective, and truly so have men, which isn’t a bad thing, however the imbalance is ready to be restored. The feminine way, qualities and characteristic have been lost. There hasn’t been much room for the feminine as collectively she had been suppressed for a long long time with women and within men. But more than that its led to an imbalance of power on the planet, beyond any masculine, or feminine dynamics at play. There is a greater imbalance of power that must be restored if we are to stop the destruction, and suppression of humanity as a whole and I believe that starts with the resurrection of the divine feminine within each one of us.

As the divine feminine within awakens , layers of old programming, blocks, patterns and wounds are asked to be released so we may flow forward into our own natural prosperous, purposeful evolution as modern woman feeling the call to walk their radiant sacred in the world once again. Clearing these layers of blocks, patterns, programs and wounds, opens the path to new choice points supporting us in being conscious powerful creatrix’s of our own lives.

As we begin to simultaneously reclaim our sovereignty, while clearing the layers and lifetimes of energetic subconscious soul-level patterning that has created a disconnect between our true divine nature, we may then fully root back into our true prosperous divine nature as woman. But in order to day we need a deep healing tool that can also get to the VERY root of the patterning that keeps us feeling limited in our experience and full expression.

Very often living your purpose and following the call into your divine feminine empowerment very often healing is required not just through ancestral, soul level healing but around collective wounding as well. For a long time on the planet, we have not had the opportunity to live our purpose like we do now.

The Akashic Records are a powerful tool that assists with rapid soul level ascension while releasing eons of energetic baggage.

 The Divine Feminine is reclaiming her right to be here and within each one of us at this time. The Flower of Life Akashic Certification Program (TM) provides a soulful blueprint for her radiant rise individually and collectively.


During the Flower Of Life 9 Month Certification Training you will:

**Understand deeply the energetics of soul level transformation and how to applies to your path as an awakening woman as well as the woman you will work with when you certify through this program.

**Open up a lucrative income stream or create a business doing deep Akashic work as a soul level guide for women

**Deepen your ability to trust your intuition as you work within the Akasha field/Akashic Records on behalf of clients

**Fully initiate onto your soul path, while helping others do the same

**Step into a new paradigm FINALLY releasing ALL your soul-level baggage in safe space of sisterhood as you move through the Flower Of Life Akashic Certification Program

**Learn to read and work with the Akasha on for yourself and on behalf of other woman on their awakening journey.

**Partner with this source of love, wisdom and ancient healing that can beautifully assist your path as a sacred prosperous women in today’s evolving modern world.

**Understand how to support other women in shifting beyond limitation, lack, and pain patterns as they anchor into a life of fulfillment, purpose and love.

How the Flower Of Life Akashic Certification Program Will Flow:

**Classes will be 90 Minutes long and we will meet every three weeks with a one week break for integration.

**Each Semester will complete with a 3  week break for case study and assignment completion.

**You have on-going access to Tara in the private Facebook Group for questions and personal shares

**All trainings are recorded for you to access after if you can’t make it live

**The curriculum is broken down with a frame of reference and tools you can apply to your own soul level transformation then taking, creating a high value signature offer OR Sacred business as an Akashic Women’s Certified Guide.

**You will have access to the She ROSE Collective for one year as an extension of this program. This provides an additional overlay of Flower Of Life Full Moon Akashic Circles, as well as access to the NEW Akasha Rising Program that is hosted once a moth.

**You will be loving held in a container of support, sisterhood, and transformation for 9 whole months as you dive deep into your own journey as an Akashic Women’s Soul Guide.


Using the Akashic records personally has greatly changed my life due to the massive energetic shifts I’ve been able to make. I’m being propelled forward in life like I never have been before. My awareness is heightened, my patterns are shifting and changing: those that do not serve fall away and I create new ones to support me on my current journey. I am more fully supported to be who I truly am at my soul level and now, through taking the education myself, I can offer it to other women who were like me. Stuck, living in a lack mindset, overwhelmed, burnt out, depressed, spiritually disconnected from the divine and self transition to empowerment, awareness, consciousness, connection, manifesting abundance and rising through the glass ceiling.

Sarah Charrois

Empathress Coach

Level 1 Focuses On:

  • Intro to the Akashic Records, & the Akasha
  • Receive an attunement to the Akasha. This is a beautiful way to honor the start of a new sacred journey, and to acquaint yourself with how to access the Akasha on behalf of yourself and others.
  • Prepare to Powerfully Space Hold in the Akasha Field
  • Stepping Into Powerful Soul-Level Creatorship on Your Sacred Path with the Records
  • Foundation Level Past Life Clearing Work Strategies & Blocks
  • Emotional Pain/Body Connection & Emotional/Pain Body Clearing Work
  • Basic exploration of the Mother Wound, and modeling a new prosperous paradigm for modern women
  • Understand how to powerfully co-create your true soul-level desires as a sacred woman with the Akasha as your alley.
  • Activate your future beautiful, powerful self timeline in the Akashic Records, as you yourself prepare to transform through the Akashic work and your personal soul-level transformation. Use this as a tool to guide others as you step out with your Flower Of Life Akashic Healing Sessions.
  • Reading for Others and Client/Practitioner Integrity
  • Marketing, Money & Growing Your Flourishing Flower of Life Akashic Income Stream

Level 2 Focuses On:

  •  core collective feminine wounding around sisterhood, motherhood, leadership, voice, community, power, money, marriage, & beauty
  • group activation’s and clearing work
  • working with the lunar cycles for sustainable new paradigm feminine prosperity
  • working with goddesses in the akashic field for activation, wisdom and guidance
  • Move through your own divine feminine activation with next level clearing techniques and processes. Receive reading sheets for your Flower Of Life Akashic Business.

Level 3 Focuses On:

  • masculine/feminine unity consciousness with activation’s and clearing work.
  • relationship re-harmonizing & clearing work
  • inner child clearing work & journeys
  • feminine lineage healing & womb work
  • Father wound/Mother wound healing
  • akashic money block clearing work, with new paradigm prosperity framework
  • The creation of your own signature high value akashic transformation
  • identify your divinely aligned clients
  • the creation of your Flower Of Life Business Blueprint to support your own feminine prosperity as you rise into high service through a business that gives back to you as much as you give to others.


Bonuses – A 1 Year Collective Membership Experience

Once a Month Virtual Flower Of Life Akashic Full Activation Circle & Q & A (Value $997 usd)

***Full Moon Akashic Money Healing & Feminine Prosperity Activation Circles held LIVE throughout the 9 month certification program of this live teaching.

Take advantage of the money consciousness boosting support that is NOW added in to activate your flourishing feminine path as you step out in service with this revolutionary work!

Make money apart of your sacred path, and create the foundation for a freedom based business that truly supports your highest vision a woman.


AKASHIC RISING is my NEWEST Monthly Virtual Shakti & Creative Expression Workshop Experience Combined with Movement & Akashic Group Clearing Work. AMPLIFY YOUR QUEEN FREQUENCY!

We Begin June 21st, 2020, running monthly until January 2020!

This is a chance to make-up over your energy, uplevel your life, upgrade your energetic system and unleash your SHAKTI through all areas of life for feminine power, pleasure, prosperity & flow, right from root (yoni) to higher self!

Each month we will meet virtually for a LIVE creative/dance party with group clearing work.
(Valued at $997) – All recorded for your personal library

access to tara and the She ROSE Collective for an entire year (value: priceless!)

Through out the entire 9 week LIVE TRAINING of the Flower Of Life Certification Program Level 1 you have access to Tara for questions through a private Facebook group full of other women in training. The group remains open for you even after the certification is done. There you will have continued support over the next year as you step out with this work.

Course Materials



All Trainings Recorded & while it is suggested you stay in the flow with Tara as she teaches live, you can move through the program at your own pace!

Flower Of Life Akashic Certification 150 Pg Manual

Heart Centered Akasha
21 Pg Journal

Walk the prosperous path of the feminine and live your sacred in a modern world while helping others do the same.



Claim Your Spot!

Apply now to the FLOWER OF LIFE AKASHIC CERTIFICATION for a  9-month journey that will ignite your next level sacred feminine path & birth in your akashic business empire.



BUT if you haven’t’ heard the Early Bird Investment is back for the next 3 days!
$3500 USD

There are NO RETURNS ON PURCHASES. Every effort has been made to make to represent the program in detail and clearly! This is a tried tested and true program with 100% success rates should you fully certify!
Should you make a purchase you are held 100% responsible for paying in full.

The Flower Of Life Akashic 9 Month Program Start Date:
Monday June 22, 2020

Tara can I just say I love you! Not only has this opened up an income stream for me that I just love, working within the akashic field has changed my life!

What you have taught me is everything I craved and didn’t even know. I am seriously in love with the Akashic Records 😍

My clients are loving it!! I have loved it!!!


Salon Owner, Certified Flower Of Life Akashic Healing Practitioner

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