The Desires and Money Masterclass

February 13th, 10 AM MT / 11 AM CST

It’s not just about money for the sake of money, right?

It’s about being 🔥 LIT 🔥 as women and having money meet us and serve us in THAT place.

No more deprivation.

No more sacrifice.

No MORE feeling disconnected from freedom , PLEASURE or FLOW.

It’s about prosperity that meets us at the level of our deepest vision, wants, needs and desires, so that we can have money meet us at the level of what truly matters- to US.

Money that supports the well-being, and vision that women have is a contribution to the collective.

Women living free.

Well-nourished lives.

In true alignment with who they are called to be and what they are here to do.

When money can support THIS (and it wants to), then a new paradigm of women creating lives on their terms happens, and it becomes a contribution to COLLECTIVE healing.

Fully expressed lives happens when we shift paradigms around how money truly gets to support the freedom that the sacred feminine values.

Then it’s not just money.

It becomes sacred wealth, that honours the sacredness of you. 

This is deep awareness and deep clarity around some of your most frustrating relationship patterns.

🌹Escape the old money matrix by rooting into a new paradigm of divine prosperity (I’ll be sharing the framework for establishing a new foundation for prosperity that I’ve been teaching for almost 7 years).

🌹Come into sacred relationship with yourself and money so you a powerfully live the life you are called to.

🌹Understand how the energy of DESIRE plays an important role in freeing yourself from the shackles of limitation in the 3D, to you can lead powerfully beyond the box of society, breaking free.

🌹Drop in and experience the “petal technique” to identify core desires of your feminine essence (not the fake distracting desires of the mind)

🌹Experience teachings of divine prosperity to support your new paradigm, authentic leadership path, & awaken the codes of sacred union so you can flourish in the emerging new economy.

🌹Discover how to build magnetism and anchor a new embodied frequency of money & power to serve your fulfillment.


Escape the old PARADIGM money matrix & and root into a new paradigm of divine prosperity

Get TRUE alignment for your life so you can flow with the divine current to bring your creations to life without hustle!

🌹Identify your # 1 old paradigm money block, keeping you grid locked in scarcity, survival, or pressure patterns, and replace it with nourishment to support a new capacity for creating prosperity!

🌹Experience a divine prosperity Akashic channeled transmission to clear, heal and resolve separation consciousness in your system, as you anchor the new union consciousness paradigm.


Receive the CORE Desires 2024 Dream Journal to take it all deep!

We’re not here to make money the way our ancestors did.

BLESS our ancestral lineages but I know they would want us to flourish in a new paradigm of feminine freedom & prosperity, because our freedom benefits future generations, and heals those that came before us.

Dismantling a system that has suppressed the human spirit for thousands of years takes time but doesn’t have to take forever with the right understanding and framework.


Let’s do this!

It’s FREE.

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