Ready to upgrade your relationship money, yourself and your feminine power as a way showing woman of the new paradigm?

Many women are NEW to experiencing a type of prosperity consciousness (where money can flow in with ease) and in particular when it comes to marrying our naturalness as women with money. It is truly a new paradigm where a lot of “old” stories, templates, and the experience of an older version of ourselves needs to be untangled to create space for an upgraded self-image that supports who you are as a powerful, prosperous new paradigm feminine leader.


A few years ago I sat down with my Akashic Record and did my own Money Queen Akashic Record Session. I was feel particularly stuck around money flow that month, and couldn’t figure out why.

It was the beginning of the  year and I had just activated my next level future self.

Then as I moved into clearing work, I had some internal wounded masculine template stuff showing up, and another layer to peel back on stepping into my own feminine power. 

I did a Queen and high holy masculine activation, clearing layers of old blocks that made it hard to receive money with ease while in my true feminine as I stretched into a new income level.

What happened NEXT BLEW MY MIND. My energy shifted, and the the flow of abundance opened. 

AND….over the course of the next few days I had $4K show up out of blue.

This also happens for clients!


To become a Money Queen you have to clear poverty consciousness leaks in your own matrix.


When you are laying the matrix of your own feminine prosperity frequency, it requires being really masterful with your own energy.


It requires that you start to limit and narrow all the gaps to experiencing prosperity NOW.


What often happens, in a world FULL of people with varying money stories, is that if they are experiencing LACK, you can take on those stories into your own field of perception and create that experience for yourself.


I have seen a lot of shifts in my own experience of prosperity when I “clean out” the stories of lack and limitation I am hearing from others.


Those stories might be very valid in someone else’s experience, (I am not taking away from that) but in MY field, I am laying down the energetic matrix of feminine prosperity consciousness and choose to align, embody and create a belief system that aligns with that truth. 




So imagine coming into a NEW vibrational experience of prosperity where you believe: 

  • That money is always there for you.
  • That you are a channel for prosperity.
  • That the right sources of income are always opening for you.
  • That prosperity flows to you naturally and easily.
  • That you are MORE than enough.
  • That you are always being provided for by a limitless source of beautiful abundance.
  • That you can be prosperous AND it’s a gift to others
  • That it’s safe for you to be POWERFUL and receive large sums of money.


Working with Tara through her akashic money queen masterclass up so much for me. First, how I am far more open to receiving. From money, the masculine and the divine masculine of the universe. Second abundance in all forms just easily has been showing up for me – like out of the blue! 

Thank you. More please universe.”

Brandy Leduc

The Akashic Money Queen Masterclass was a journey into the depths of the suppressed feminine which bought so much clarity in the types of blocks I have carried through lifetimes.

Why have I grappled with doubt in regard to my ability to make more than enough money than I need?

Why I have constantly surrendered to the notion that in order to experience prosperity and abundance that it can only be achieved by ignoring my feminine essence?

Tara Preston’s class allows us to challenge those forms and develop an alternative way of knowing that taps into our divine feminine essence and activates the sacred codes which we have been disconnected from.

In this new year of 2024, through the Akashic Records and the Flower of Life Mind, I have learned to adopt a new money mindset that gives space for me to honor my innate cyclical being while simultaneously being confident and secure in my ability to create wealth for myself and the future. The Akashic journey that Tara leads us through shows we have done this in prior lifetimes and as such, that can be achieved again.


Jessica Saint-Anges


Tara has a beautiful, gentle way of walking you through very heavy material. With the Akashic Money Queen Masterclass, she guides you into the shadows so that you can slowly bring old ideas, old ways of being, ancestral blocks and inner child woundings to light. I have listened to this class multiple times and discover something new each time. It has opened my eyes to where my money stories originate and helped me release generations of stagnant energy around abundance.”

Marissa Whitebeck

The Akashic Money Queen Masterclass helps you open up NEW vital life force energy, then clearing deeply rooted soul level money block, then upgrading your divine prosperity consciousness,  anchoring you into your embodied feminine power.

We are going recalibrate, clearing out layers and lifetimes, of energetic, soul level gunk clouding your true prosperity & power currently keep you small, disconnecting you from money flow, and stuck in lack.

We are going to work with 4 timelines:

✨past life
✨inner child
✨future self


If you’re feeling stuck, tired of pushing, or just know energetically there are deep layers ready to be untangled while simultaneously dropping into more of your embodiment feminine power, this is for YOU!

This is a 90 MIN Masterclass where I guide you to work with your OWN Akashic Record. 

It comes with a beautiful workbook for you to take it all deeper!

You can do it once, or use it over & over to recalibrate at different stuck points on your path.



 Get Full Access Pass:


$99 USD

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Every effort has been made to make to represent the program in detail and clearly! 

Should you make a purchase you are held 100% responsible for paying in full.


Meet Tara Preston


Tara Preston is the creatrix of the Flower of Life Akashic Healing System who over the last 9 years has done approximately 5,000 Akashic reading & healing sessions.

She is a 6-figure spiritual business owner, who has spent the last decade working with women at soul-level through one of kind life reinvention transformational packages and Akashic Record work.

She now has a prosperous purpose-based business where she guides other women through major life transformations that paves the way for next level prosperity, leadership and legacy work all while rooting deeply into the power of their divine feminine magic.

She weaves the spiritual healing power of not only the Akashic Records, and many other healing tools and feminine embodiment practices to assist her clients in healing deep collective feminine core wounds, and soul-level rooted patterns. By doing this she is able to facilitate deep and transformational work that allows her clients to feel free, powerful, and beautiful in the expression of their purpose in both life & business.

Women quickly feel empowered to step into the spotlight of their lives through Tara’s work, then claiming what it is they truly want without apology, while attracting it with greater ease and pleasure!

Through the last 15 years Tara has discovered how empowered women feel when they are given space to authentically self-express. Whether that authentic self-expression is through using their voice, claiming their dreams, sharing their gifts, or presenting themselves in a way that they feel really expresses their unique essence, truth, and power.

Tara helps her clients deeply connect to their intuition, inner beauty, and soul’s vision by working with their natural feminine cycles. She believes that when women root into this intrinsic power, while valuing their divine gifts, and trusting themselves they naturally flow into greater evolution of their authentic expression.

Her greatest gift is her ability to hold a space of love and non-judgement, allowing women to feel safe as they go deep into those messy and imperfect places inside themselves, re-calibrating their life and work so that it nourishes them to the core.

You can learn more about Tara by going to

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