The Fully Awakened Woman

8 Weeks To Embody The Power of Your Turned On Frequency

An awakening of the full range of the female energetic system through the sensual exploration of:

  • Pleasure-based body awareness practises

  • Sensual body intelligence

  • Weekly feminine power akashic transmissions to activate, clear, heal, retrieve and awaken

  • Visceral guided ancient wisdom activating akashic journey to subconsciously clear outdated patriarchal programming keeping your system on lockdown.embodiment & beauty rituals to nourish, heal, remember and restore.

  • Sacred movement & expressive art to open to flow, process and come alive

  • Group Akashic clearing to peel back the petals of illusion as you drop into your embodied feminine channel of activated truth.

  • Deepening assignments for your own morning pleasure practise

It’s time to awaken your pleasure body, Queen.

To open your pleasure pathways

To turn on your primal intelligence

To awaken the full range of your feminine energetic system, because without it you will feel flat, 3D, and limited in raw creative, expanded version of yourself that is here to powerfully create life on your terms!

And to trust that part of you to lead powerfully. 

You are energy in motion, and when you are tapped in and turned all the way up, your attraction frequency radiates a potent message of female power.

You are a force. 

A force of nature.

A woman one with her natural feminine desire, and natural energetic impulses.

She trusts.

She is MORE than enough. 

No holding back, she flows with the energetic current of life, and her purpose unfolds in raw beauty.

She builds her energy. 

Honors her energy.

And moves with her energy.  

Are you ready to:

  • Activate your turned-on frequency

  • Embrace your creative sexual power

  • Allow pleasure to be your compass

Perfectly imperfect, she arrives in every moment, rooted in her pussy centered compass as the path to pleasure unfolds to support her deepest authentic expression.

She feels safe.

She is the foundation she needs to show up powerfully.

She is rooted, and in sync with her pussy wisdom and wild nature.

She is one with her destiny and her divinity, in the driver’s seat of her own natural authentic evolution, and creative power.

She is both heaven and earth.

Planted firmly in both.

She rises, ebbs, and flows in the circle motion of feminine flow.

Join me for 8 weeks of pleasure, sensuality, ancestral healing, ancient feminine wisdom, play & embodiment, and ritual all in honor of your FULL feminine creative & energetic power. 

No push.

No burn out.

No disconnect.

No dis-regulation of your system.

No shades of grey living.

No lack of passion.

No energy drain. 

Just full color, full pleasure, full ecstatic embodied living.

Just, pussy centered living that ignites your turned-on path in life & business.

Just an energetic tuned-in frequency that has you dialed into the highest point of your attraction field (whatever you are calling in).

Just, sensual receptive energy that magnetizes to you, while you are in the flow of your own unlimited creative power and potential.

Just a clear, centered activated channel that feels free and supported while in the magnificence of your female power.

With full permission to play full out as YOU, in your power, occupying the full range of your activated feminine energetic system!


Being the source of your own:

  • Power
  • Pleasure
  • Prosperity

By being in your own fully activated channel of truth as a divine feminine woman on a mission.

We are also going to be diving into healing shame, pain, and core collective feminine wounds keeping you small, disembodied, disconnected, and pushing while opening up NEW pleasure pathways and receptors to guide your full awakening.

How to be led by desire, rather than debt (lack consciousness).

And how to lead from pleasure rather than pain!

Heal limiting stories.

Clear ancestral patterns.

Release past life pain.


Claim your full female power while activating your energetic systems to support you in living a new level of freedom, expression, embodiment, and prosperity as a divine woman in this human experience. 



Week 1 – Opening Ceremony

The Holy Feminine Grail of Turned on Intuition


Week 2 – Desire VS Depth

Led Femme Leadership
Be led by what you want, not what you don’t want.


Week 3 – Sensual Intelligence


Week 4 – Sexual Power Activation

Reving Up and Turning On Your Creative Sexual Power


Week 5 – Primal Awakening 


Week 6 – Magnetic Money Flow


Week 7 – Pussy Centered Living

Pleasure as a Compass & Embracing Your Unique Beauty
Yoni Mirror Gazing
Open up your pleasure receptors. Regulate your nervous system.
Follow the path of pleasure and learn to trust that it’s safe to lead from this place.


Week 8 – Authentically Expressed

Sacred Masculine Matrix’s Fully Expressed



 Presale Investment $377 USD 

Note: This price is only valid until the 31st of July. 



 Payment Plan $377 USD x 3 months


All recorded with lifetime access.
We begin on August 15th, 2022!


Every effort has been made to make to represent the program in detail and clearly!
This is a tried tested and true program with 100% success rates should you fully certify!
Should you make a purchase, you are held 100% responsible for paying in full.


Meet Tara

Tara Preston is a New Paradigm Feminine Leadership, Prosperity & Business Mentor for visionary, spiritual women who  desire to flourish in all areas areas of life.

She is the creator of the Flower Of Life Akashic Healing Method ™.

She is a 6 figure spiritual business owner, who has spent the last decade working with women at soul-level through one of kind life reinvention transformational packages and Akashic Record work.

She now has a prosperous, freedom based business where she guides other women through major life transformations that paves the way for their next level prosperity, leadership and legacy work all. while rooting deeply into the power of their divine feminine wealth codes.

Tara helps her clients deeply connect to & trust their intuition, leaning into the uniqueness of their authentic leadership, where they begin to create the rules they get to play by in both life & business.

She helps women embrace their power to create life on their terms, shifting from old masculinzed ways of operating in their businesses to ways that feels aligned to how they are naturally designed to flourish, experiencing new levels of prosperity and freedom.

Women quickly feel empowered to step into the spotlight of their lives through Tara’s work, then claiming what it is they truly want without apology, while attracting it with greater ease and pleasure!

Through the last 20 years Tara has discovered how empowered women feel when they are given space to authentically self-express. Whether that authentic self expression is through using their voice, claiming their dreams, sharing their gifts, presenting themselves in a way that they feel really expresses their unique essence, truth, and power OR creating Sacred Programs that capture the many gifts, talents and wisdom of women, in order to open up wealth streams to support true empowered financial freedom doing the work that only they came here to do at this time on the planet.

To date Tara has created 12 Signature Channeled Programs, many of them STILL continue to generate income,

Some of her Most Well Known & Most Loves Programs Have Been:

The Intuitive Beauty Cleanse ™
Magical Feminine Prosperity ™
Glamour Goddess
Feminine Soul Wisdom
Radiant Mama Rising Year Long Program
Femme Magic 5K & Beyond Mastermind
Feminine Phoenix Rising ™
Akasha Rising ™
Way Of Sacred SHE ™
Flower Of Life Akashic Certification Program ™
AND many more!

You can learn more about Tara by going to

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