New Evolutionary Mama

The RISE of the New Mama is here…

She is rising in you, and a NEW way is emerging.

The way of feminine leadership that lives beyond the box of society, and in the fullness of the woman (and Mama) you came here to be. When the divine feminine rises within us, a great re-harmonizing naturally begins within, and then wants to flow through all facets of our lives to upgrade our experience into alignment with her power, prosperity matrix, and higher vision for healing.

For conscious way-showing Mamas, this upgrade will impact the family matrix.

Each relationship dynamic will be asked to shift, making space for the power, voice, and expression of Mama’s evolutionary essence in the home, which then creates freedom through all other areas of life.

Space for the deeper values, desires, wants and often intimacy will need to be clarified within and then made visible in the home and yes, even with your partner.

If this doesn’t happen, Mama, you will remain stuck, swirling in the old projections, limitations and outdated ways of being that don’t support the leadership of the feminine, and the rise of the divine Mother in the home.

Without the deep journey into the depths of our most intimate inner landscape, our external world will not untangle, release and clear to create space for our outer expression of self, and stagnation, sets in. 

Without the support that allows us to feel a sense of safety in our being and bodies and feel hard to rise in the leadership, and legacy work you are being called to bring forward at this time.

Every time we as women, Mamas, way-showers, leaders, and pioneers of the new paradigm answer the call to evolve we will be asked to: 

  • shed an old self-image (old way of being, stories, beliefs)
  • release old karmic/ancestral patterns held at the cellular level, subconsious body level
  • root more deeply into our inner sovereignty
  • rewire our energetic system for new vibrational capacity
  • and become more fully embodied in our power for capacity to hold the new self, desires, and vision

For Mama’s the challenge is often family matrix. When Mama begins to change it sets a chain reaction in the home. Triggers the old relationship dynamics pulling you back to the old way of being that deep down you know isn’t truly work, nor is it truly you. 

With the right container and the right pathway, we can dismantle not only the old role of Mother, but rise in our power feeling held, guided and supported as we begin to show up in new ways.

This then allows our feminine essence to take up more space in the world with the true essence of who she is and who she is being called to be, not just for herself, but for her family, community, and those she will serve. A redefining of womanhood + motherhood can take place to include all of who you are.

These are new times.

New times call for new ways, Mama.

New times call for connection, community, and containers of love that hold us as sacred women and Mamas who know that it’s time to do the deep work to support our Evolutionary Woman’s Path as emerging leaders of a new paradigm.

Navigating an old, outdated sense of self alone often leads to confusion without a guide, or pathway to hold us.

I get it! I’ve been there AND I’ve been space-holding for over a decade with women from around the world who have moved through my soul-level transformational programs where I guide them from old to new as they claim their visibility, voice, bigger dreams, power, and leadership.

The challenge for Mamas is often:

  • the family or origin, current family matrix, and an old and outdated role of Motherhood that doesn’t support TRUE divine feminine leadership in the home and beyond.
  • Mamas feeling like they’re living in their masculine, trying to hold everything in the home, when really what’s required is womb-led leadership and an anchored radiance in the home that supports the rise of your embodied sacred sovereignty.

So conscious Mama leader on the rise…

Do you have a soul’s calling to lead, way-show, and anchor the NEW emerging paradigm of feminine power, purpose, and prosperity but feel pulled around often by family and relationships?

Do you feel limited by an old version of yourself or by relationship dynamics that no longer reflect the truth of your essence?

Are you ready to take up more space with your embodied leadership, building capacity to hold more as you birth yourself and your sacred creations for new paradigm prosperity? 

Do you desire to come home to your sensuality, sexuality, and sovereignty as a Mama and woman so you can find greater fulfillment and flow?

Are you feeling bogged down by everyone else’s needs and ready to shine front and center stage, in the fullness of the woman you were born to be, not just in your home, but in business, and in your leadership?

New Motherhood is a total role reversal from the generations previous to this one.

The old model of motherhood is rooted is dead. It’s sneaky, subconscious, shadow aspects often deeply embedded in our psyche due to patriarchal conditioning that is meant to disempower, drain, and create disconnect to one of the MOST powerful voices of change on the planet. 

Mama, this is YOUR time…


Are you ready to honor the sacred vision that lives in your heart, as a Mother, visionary, and embodied leader as these times are calling for?

To find true freedom, and spaciousness that supports your higher vision?

To step into sensuality, your creative sexual power, and to rise in your sacred feminine leadership?

NEW paradigm Mamas knows that the old ways of society no longer work for her.

She deeply desires to be a part of the collective healing that needs to happen if we are to birth a world that supports the true, more sustainable divine blueprint of humanity, not just for ourselves but for our children as well.

She knows that if we are to follow the call and birth a new way of being, it must begin with HER first.

So Mama I ask you, will you be one of them?

I am excited to share with you:

The NEW Evolutionary Mama Akashic Group-Guided 6 Month Transformation



A beautiful sanctuary where you:

  • Begin to open up to your higher vision, values as a woman and mama, dreams, and deepest desires so you can step into the feminine leadership the way you are ready to, from the level of SOUL.
  • Release emotions, healing at the subconscious, cellular level, body level 
  • Come home to yourself doing the deep inner work needed to untangle, shift, and clear soul-level energetic patterns, beliefs, programming, co-dependent patterns at play keeping your expression small.
  • Release the old self of yourself and more fully integrate the NEW version of yourself through a pathway of transformation where you will feel held, witnessed, and seen.
  • Anchor into radiant woman leadership as your family matrix begins to recalibrate to YOU!
  • Be inspired and supported by a collective of way-showing Mamas trailblazing the path to the New Paradigm.
  • Receive channeled transmission teachings on the NEW paradigm feminine leadership, prosperity, as well as family matrix healing work, shadow work, womb work, conscious creations to support your new earth rebirth, Akashic clearings, subconscious repatterning, time line healing, ancestry work, Mother/Father Wound healing, inner child healing, and clarity over next steps to support your authentic path as a NEW Evolutionary Mama that is here to birth the new earth each time we meet.
  • Reharmonize your partnership to support NEW relationship dynamics and deeper intimacy based on Akashic relationship work and the upgraded templates of the Inner Feminine/Inner Masculine needed for a strong sovereign foundation to support your liberation, and creative sexual energy.
  • Womb work & yoni work to drop you into your feminine embodiment.


This time with me is a container to hold you while you expand and deepen into your embodiment so you can feel safe in being more visible in your full expression and leadership amidst all the shifting pieces that happen as you begin to take up more space with the woman you are being called to be for 2023.


Here is how the mastermind will flow:

  • Bi-weekly meeting times, where I will teach through new paradigm transmissions, Akashic clearing work where you will work with your own Akashic Record, shadow work, and/or family matrix recalibration to clear, untangle, and create space for YOU, your desires, voice, power, and expression. Opportunity to receive support 1 on 1 at the end with intuitive channeled messages for your path.
  • Clarity over the next steps to support your evolutionary Mama’s path for 2023 each time we meet for embodiment and deep integration as I move you through a pathway of soul-level transformation, and self-guided Akashic Record work, layered with transmissions.
  • Connection, and private access to me in the Facebook group
  • A weekly goddess accountability journal to support momentum and alignment with your 2023 intention. 
  • A beautiful container to support you, hold you and inspire you as you upgrade your self-image, life, and business to reflect the awakening of your divine feminine leadership, expression, and prosperity.
  • Access to the content of my Fully Awakened Woman Embodied Journey (Value $1497 USD) to support a deepening connection to your body, yoni, womb, and feminine power. Modules dropped each month for deep embodiment work.


Bonus training, teachings, and resources on Yoni steaming, yoni eggs, and wands to support your beautiful sensual awakening, womb healing, and essene embodiment in the lower quadrants of your body as you anchor into your womb-led leadership in the home and beyond.


Lead powerfully.

Step into the way-showing woman you are being called to be and prosper in a new paradigm.


We begin January 2nd, 2023 and go for 6 months meeting two times a month. 




(VALUE: $2997. USD)



Early Savings Investment: $1997 USD




6-Month Payment Plan: $383 x 6 months


There are NO RETURNS ON PURCHASES. Every effort has been made to make to represent the program in detail and clearly! Should you make a purchase you are held 100% responsible for paying in full.

Join countless women who have experienced and loved Tara’s  transformational work over the last decade. 

We are built for pleasure. It’s our zone of genius and yet a disconnect often exits between our divine right to receive pleasure and the guilt we so often feel for having more and more of it.

The NEW Evolutionary Mama Group Akashic Transformation
Will Flow By Month As Follows:

 Month 1: Release the old self-image (and OLD role of Mama) Akashic Record ceremony.

We are going to deconstruct, dismantle and lovingly release the old self, back into the VOID to prepare for your 2023 resurrection.

Along with that, we are going to dismantle the OLD role of Mother, to create space for the NEW Evolutionary Mama you are being called to be as a leader and Mama of these new times.  Receive a deep channeled transmission to activate and inspire. Work with your Akashic Record work to clear patriarchal past lifetime, and present life programming keeping you small once and for all.

Open to the NEW, uncover, unearth and reclaim forget values, desires, wants and needs to guide your Mama rise. 


Month 2: Root into deep beautiful connection with the true divine feminine essence of you as a woman. Anchor into your new paradigm sovereignty templates as you stabalize an upgraded inner foundation to hold a new frequency of feminine prosperity, and power. 

Go deeper into your relationship with Self, creating a new environment for thriving relationships in your external experience and family matrix as well.

Release wounded feminine/masculine power dynamics hidden internally playing out in your family matrix that does not support your evolution, OR your new paradigm partnership with money.


Month 3: Rewire, through continued Akashic clearing work, subconscious release, and feminine embodiment in the Akashic Field.

Clear layers and lifetimes of energetic crud held at the cellular body level, support a new upgraded energetic way of being.

Work on key relationships to shift the family matrix to create space for your emerging feminine leadership and new self.

Begin to shift your vibration, build your capacity, anchor new boundaries to support your energy, and come into a new experience. Begin to create safety in the body through clearing, healing, and inner child work.

Month 4: Rise in your new expression, anchored in your channel with the confidence to be seen in NEW ways that allow you to take up space with your power, and Mama magnetism.

Find FLOW as you begin to allow your divine feminine leadership take the reins in your business, home and life. 

Work with the Akashic Records to clear, untangle, shift, and re-harmonize key relationships to upgrade your life/home.

Identify and shift physical experiences, rearranging pieces in your physical world to create space for your rooted, radiant leadership.


Month 5: Rebirth: Anchor the visible expression of your NEW self feeling embodied and bold as a way-showing Mama of the New paradigm.  Begin to look at what wants to come through your channel as the unique expression of your sacred work in the world.

Feel the masculine/feminine come together within to birth new creations and a new vision for your life.

Mama, marry your gifts with money powerfully as you bring forward new creations that inspire new channels of prosperity, or contribution to support your legacy work in the world. NEW vibrational states allow us to become a NEW energetic match for our evolutionary path as women and Mothers. 

Month 6: Recalibrate: Experience a new paradigm of Motherhood, sacred womanhood and feminine leadership in the world (And in your family matrix) as life fully recalibrates to the power, healing, and womb-led vision of your divine feminine within.

Experience the emotional freedom, spaciousness and the deep connection you’ve been craving, as you fully integrate the soul level healing work, new paradigm feminine prosperity & leadership teachings.


  • Family Shadow Work Akashic 5 Week Journey (pre-recorded) ($997 USD)

  • Fully Awakened Woman Akashic Embodiment Journey (Value $1497 USD)


Total BONUSES VALUE: $ 3,991 USD


A couple of months within the Akashic School is a pure and deep initiation.

A sacred initiation to connect to my deeper Wisdom. I have been called last year, during April’s Full Moon to join this Initiation.

I felt my heart with no reason, to dive into the Legacy of my Soul, into the Legacy of the World. Connecting to the Akasha and the Akashic Record is pure calling from our Soul and Heart. A few months of reconnecting to my deeper Self, my Divine Guidance, My Beauty, the Woman.

A few months diving into the Wisdom of our World : our wound, our cycle, the nature, the Divine Feminine and Masculine, the Inner Child, the Leaders within us.

Tara is a pure embodiment of Love and Feminine Wisdom. She is a pure guide, and mentor to guide us through our own wisdom to embody who we truly are in our life and business.

Patricia Wald-Hopkins

Modern Mystic, Infinite Self Catalyst, and Soul Liberation Guide

“Using the Akashic records personally has greatly changed my life due to the massive energetic shifts I’ve been able to make. I’m being propelled forward in life like I never have been before. My awareness is heightened, my patterns are shifting and changing; those that do not serve fall away and I create new ones to support me on my current journey. I am more fully supported to be who I truly am at my soul level and now, through taking the education myself, I can offer it to other women who were like me. Stuck, living in a lack mindset, overwhelmed, burnt out, depressed, spiritually disconnected from the divine and self-transition to empowerment, awareness, consciousness, connection, manifesting abundance and rising through the glass ceiling.”

Sarah Charrois

Empathress Coach

Meet Tara Preston

Tara Preston is the creatrix of the Flower of Life Akashic Healing System who over the last 9 years has done approx 5,000 Akashic reading & healing sessions.

She is a 6 figure spiritual business owner, who has spent the last decade working with women at soul-level through one of kind life reinvention transformational packages and Akashic Record work.

She now has a prosperous purpose based business where she guides other women through major life transformations that paves the way for next level prosperity, leadership and legancy work all while rooting deeply into the power of their divine feminine magic.

She weaves the spiritual healing power of not only the Akashic Records, and many other healing tools and feminine embodiment practices to assist her clients in healing deep collective feminine core wounds, and soul-level rooted patterns. By doing this she is able to facilitate deep and transformational work that allows her clients to feel free, powerful, and beautiful in the expression of their purpose in both life & business.

Women quickly feel empowered to step into the spotlight of their lives through Tara’s work, then claiming what it is they truly want without apology, while attracting it with greater ease and pleasure!

Through the last 15 years Tara has discovered how empowered women feel when they are given space to authentically self-express. Whether that authentic self expression is through using their voice, claiming their dreams, sharing their gifts, or presenting themselves in a way that they feel really expresses their unique essence, truth, and power.

Tara helps her clients deeply connect to their intuition, inner beauty, and soul’s vision by working with their natural feminine cycles. She believes that when women root into this intrinsic power, while valuing their divine gifts, and trusting themselves they naturally flow into greater evolution of their authentic expression.

Her greatest gift is her ability to hold a space of love and non-judgement, allowing women to feel safe as they go deep into those messy and imperfect places inside themselves, re-calibrating their life and work so that it nourishes them to the core.

You can learn more about Tara by going to

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