Way Of Sacred SHE

Reclaiming The Power Of Your Dark Feminine

An 8 Week Akashic Transmission, & Shamanic Dark Feminine Medicine Journey


What if you have been looking in ALL the wrong places for your liberation?

What if playing it safe, living in perfection, and by all the rules we’ve been conditioned to play by really –  isn’t THE WAY that will get you to the beautiful, delicious life you’re CRAVING.

What if the money, the relationships, and the next level manifestations you DEEPLY DESIRE have NOTHING to do with being nice, or by being the good little girl?

Aren’t you SO done playing by everyone else’s rules!?

You will know if you are because you FEEL:

  • Angsty
  • Angry
  • Restful
  • Trapped
  • Tethered

And…maybe full out rage underneath all the latest and greatest mask you’ve been wearing in order to appease the patriarchal conditioning of our world.

Nah ugh…

You’re done. I know it or you wouldn’t be here.

And what if…

That rage you feel.
That anger.

That hot holy knowing in your bones is the answer to your full feminine liberation. 

What if….you just needed space, and a journey to travel into the deepest parts of your dark feminine nature.

The most potent, and profound aspects of your feminine power, in order to set it free.

The parts of you that maybe just maybe you abandoned as a girl, when the patriarchal programming of others narrow perceptions distorted your own view of true self?

Left in the abyss of your shadow…

Are you ready to come home to the power of your shadow self. The Self that lurks behind the masks we so often wear?

Are you ready to RISE in your power — boldly, and unapologetically?

Your reclamation is HERE.

It’s time to RISE boldly and unapologetically seen in your MOST full expression.

To take up SPACE with all parts of you that have been lurking below the surface.

The parts of you that are DYING to be brought to the surface of life so you can breathe and feel free in the truth of who you are and why you are here.

“I just can’t believe how much I’ve stepped into the woman I desired to be and so excited for all to come!!

I’m going to have to grieve this program ending!!! I love you! Thank YOU!”

Angelle Primeau

Akashic Women's Guide & Beauty Expert



I want this for you. 

That is why I have created this 8 week potentshamanic medicine journey in the dark feminine abyss of your subconscious shadow self.

THERE we decent into the underbelly of a world you have most likely been avoiding.

This avoidance is WHY you:

  • Are discontent with life.
  • Aren’t moving forward.
  • Lack the intimacy you so deeply want.
  • Are dissatisfied in your sacred work (cause you really aren’t speaking your deeper truth)
  • Aren’t being seen by your clients (afraid to show the world all of you).
  • Aren’t experiencing the wealth you want (becuase secretly you’re afraid to show up FULLY where money can really find you)

It’s time to go within — and meet your Inner BITCH.

YES — she NEEDS love to.

SHE wants to be honoured.

SHE wants to take up space, and take stand for what SHE DEEPLY Knows she desires, and deserves.

Between your legs exits the power to CREATE.

A dark void of beauty and power with the unlimited potential to birth paradigms, legacies and worlds.

SHE is your compass.

SHE is your pleasure guide into a full life that honours the way that lights you up.

And here our journey begins..


How often we have experienced the pain and shame of what it means to be a woman in this world.

Where the patricach has told us to sit pretty.

To say nice things — but not the truth.

To speak politely — but not clearly.

To behave in a way that works for the world around her, rather than the WAY that honours HER.

Her wild sacred pleasure.

Her power to create.

Her dark liberating magic!

The illusion of true feminine power has been one that has been eroded away through a MATRIX of separation and distortion from what TRUE feminine power IS.

It is so – because of HER power.

Because of her full capacity to CREATE a life that honours the depths of not just humanity but of nature herself.

Including the true nature of SHE.

The WAY OF SHE IS not out there.

She is right HERE.

“Gratitude for you today, Tara . I listened to the Sacred Anger journey from your Way of the Sacred She program today. I actually opened the recordings not knowing which one I would listen to and then it was so obvious. Exactly what I needed and just so you know I listened on my walk through the snowy woods today which also made me think of you. Thank you for your medicine.


Channel/Soul Coach

It is time to find comfort, beauty and power with all aspects of our feminine power – both the dark and the light.

Wow. This journey has already been so powerful. And there was a beautiful union between both sides. A truce, and a lot of forgiveness.

This week I can really start feeling my intuition getting stronger. I could feel what was coming up even before Tara channeled it!

Soooo much integration and wild women and inner child came out following the call in a fierce way reclaiming. “It is MINE!!! I’m taking it ALL back!!!”

And I’ve been blissful since…. so I’m ready just in time for round 2… So thankful to be with you all as we stir all this dark soup up into this Galactic brew.


Ancestral Healer & Sophia Code Facilitator

But without descending into the depths of our own dark feminine power we will eternally dance in the light aspect of the sacred feminine — forever exalted into the quiet corners of societal conditioning.





Patriarchal conditioning permeates every area of a woman’s life.

And when I say that I don’t mean MAN for the sake of MAN.

Patriarchal conditioning exists WAAAYY beyond that scope of references – and affects not just women but men, our children, our society.

It is an ancient, old patriarchal system rooted in a consciousness that seeks to conquer and divide. The division creates not just separation between people (where lack of true intimacy and personal freedom exists) but from our true nature and divine potential as well.

What we have seen for thousands and thousands of years was first and foremost the suppression of the feminine, and the great hyper masculine upswing that creates (even in our world) today the pain of emotional disconnect, constant grind with never enough to go around, and codependent relationships that weaken our soverienty as POWERFUL beings.

And for women existing in this world – it creates a disconnect from THE POWER OF PLEASURE.


Because there is NO time to slow down in the hyper masculine world of push, do, hustle and NEVER enough.

There is NO time or space TO FEEL our way into our deep dark desires, wants and needs.

To process our rage.

To feel our feelings.

To connect to pleasure, passion and raw feminine creative sexual energy that when harnessed fully drives our life forward with visionary ease —- all without the depletion of a system rooted in ways that do not honour our feminine blueprint.

To reclaim our most abandoned aspects in order to source power from the depths of our most raw, fierce self.

And without that we play SMALL.

We have NO voice because there is disconnect.

And the power that we have access to goes wasted, twisted into a system that zaps our precious resources.

Stays shamed.

Trapped in old trauma where we bump up against the preceived upset of what we think works for them.

“Listened to transmission 4 yesterday evening. Wow! It was so beautiful and felt so empowering. Thank you, Tara.


Modern Mystic, Soul Liberation's Guide

As we rise into our QUEEN sovereignty we rise into the divine dominion over our lives, and reclaim our power to create life on our terms.

We embrace the power of the dark feminine raw power, and we reclaim the shadow aspect of our true nature rooting into our full expression, unapologetic in the women we were born to be.

SO, are you ready to:

  • Drop people pleasing
  • Release perfection paralysis
  • Stop playing nice all the time
  • Say NO
  • Reclaim your inner bitch and powerful woman
  • To stop waiting for permission to be the woman you know deep down you are
  • Reclaim your most abandoned aspects
  • To stop letting perfection dictate your life and expression
  • To actually listen to your ragy cagey wild women as a guide to setting you free and living your legacy!
  • To honour the pleasure as a guide into your full feminine prosperity
  • To stop playing small when you know there is a MUCH bigger YOU!
  • Listen to where you have felt disconnected, hungry and numb
  • Own the power of aging
  • Receive a body, beauty and soul upgrade to intaite your next level expression as a sacred pleasue power woman!

YES!! This is YOUR TIME…to stop people pleasing, playing nice, and playing small AND instead honour your full feminine power, pleasure, purpose?

Are you ready to rediscover your deep truth & reclaim the power of your shadow? 


Patriarchal Power Plays & The Pleasure Pioneer

We are built for pleasure. It’s our zone of genius and yet a disconnect often exits between our divine right to receive pleasure and the guilt we so often feel for having more and more of it.

Hello Patriarch. We are NO longer yours to control. Our creative, sexual energy ours, our pleasure a guide, into the fullest expression of our raw divine feminine power.

Are you ready for GUILT free pleasure?

Sacred Anger –  Your Truth, Your Way

Anger is a sacred teacher of imbalance or injustice.

It shows us the edges of where we have SACRIFICED our deeper longings, truths, and needs, for FAR too long.

Are you ready to DANCE with your Sacred Anger, embracing it as a  holy guide, transmuting the flames of frustrated fury to watery flow as you rise in your creative, sexual authority, taking a stand for deeper TRUTHS.

Beauty, Power & SAGE (AGE)

The older woman has been a threat to the patriarch for a long long time.

She is WISE and WILD. Her beauty, power and wisdom grow with each passing year, AND yet we live in a society that VALUES & WORSHIPS youth.

We’ve forgotten the POWER of the aging women. Are you ready to reclaim the power your S(aging) beauty?

 Royal Bloodlines – Re-calibrating Your Spiritual DNA

Yes, your true lineage is royal, or have you forgot?

Are you living in the programming of generational trauma clouding your cellular make up & royal radiance?

Let’s travel back to the origins of our bloodline: healing, clearing and upgrading the spiritual matrix of cellular memories to activate both matriachal ancestral wisdom & divine feminine legacy codes backwards and forwards through time.

 Mother Tongue – It’s Time To Remember

Your Mother Tongue is one of LOVE.

The energy and coding of love is the MOST basic universal language & YET we suffer, feeling separated from the compassionate and loving voice of the Cosmic Mother consciousness.

We’ve scripted limiting patriachral stories from the pain and patterns of past patriarchal and generational fear based “NEVER ENOUGH” trauma that keeps us looping in self critical inner dialogue.

Let’s re-cript subconsciously limiting stories back to the origins of our Mother Tongue.

Crone Throne – Rich Hot & Holy At Every AGE.

Our power comes from getting VERY very comfortable with taking up space with ALL aspects of who we came here to be.

You can have it ALL, being ALL of you.

Take up FULL space with the darkest depths of your shadow power – unleashing the hidden, often suppressed raw TOO MUCH power that your younger self was too afraid to own.

With out this we’re just playing the perfectionist patriarchal game of only the SAME O’ survive . BUT, that’s not YOU…NO you’re here to lead humanity into powerful times of freedom past the entrapment of the old systems of power plays that limit our true feminine power!

Lunar & Light Language

Energy is speaking to us all the time. Traveling through the fabric of our reality, weaving it’s intelligence through the hidden, seen and unseen.

Our bodies an instrument of energetic communication too.

Creation codes stir under the surface, deep in the vortex of the great mystery.

By learning ancient tools to decode lunar & light language we learn to visibly express & tap into energetic communication that is always guiding our path. Bring your art supplies for this!

Masculine Money Matrix’s

We’ve been conditioned to believe that money comes from working for “The Man”.

What does “The Man” need?  What does “The Man” deem acceptable in terms of what will generate money to feed the patriarchal system. Men feel this too.

We set aside our dreams, under valuing our sacred work, and leaning into what we think will provide an income, rather than what will change the world.

Push, DO, Go, hustle — with only enough to get by.

It’s time for a NEW money paradigm that integrates a balanced masculine model with truth feminine fuel that honors our energy, gifts and desire for easeful prosperity, doing what we were born to do.  

Each WAY OF SACRED SHEE TRANSMISSION comes with an Audio Journey, SHADOW PLAYLIST & PUSSY POWER JOUNREY to take it all deeper! 


  • 8 Akashic Transmission & Shamanic Guided Dark Feminine Medicine journeys (slow dripped into the Way of Sacred SHE container weekly) touching the edge of your awareness with new energy upgrades and pattern interruptions to empower and liberate your feminine soul (think of this as vibrational medicine for BIG soul). All recorded for your personal library and delivered weekly!  Transmission can be listened to again and again for deeper insights, healing and activation’s. (Value $997)
  • Experiential Shamanic Journeys In The Akashic Field For Visceral Subconscious Integration & intuitive (and physic ) development
  • Akashic Record clearing work in a audio format in a group setting, with subconscious re-scripting for accelerated shifts. You can listen to this again and again and go deeper!
  • Essence Home-play Creative, Sacred Style, Pleasure & Movement Assignments for integration & embodiment of deeper truths and new awareness-es
  • A Personal Pleasure Practice to apply weekly principles,  and insights
  • 8 week deepening Way Of Sacred SHE Dark Feminine Akashic journal for deep listening and Akashic personal clearings.
  • A Shadow Power Playlist to alchemize & embody more deeply your pleasure, sensuality and Shakti
  • Recommendations for yoni steams, pleasure wands and yoni eggs!


Be held in a deep sacred space, while receiving activated new awarenesses, and deeper feminine truths.  

Work with your own Akashic Record, growing in self trust of your own own innate ancient, body & higher wisdom.

You were born and created to birth empires, leave legacies and anchor new paradigms – and to do it without feeling drained, weighed down by the needs of others, or experiencing lack.

Now is the THE time to reclaim ALL of you & RISE.


“I feel more connected to my intuition. I Trust in the messages more than ever.


“I feel like I can’t overstate how embodied and channeled I felt at the same time. It was my body and my consciousness but another being moving me as well. I was moving as you were talking. Way before the drum. And it built and built and I continued to move – even when you were talking about the vow. I could hear your voice but I was completing the movement. It felt almost like clearing work. Like washing away stagnant energy. And since then, I’ve felt more stability in my hips and spine. More rooted and grounded. And quieter. Like settling into a coherent flow. Thank you, Tara.”

S. P. Canada

“I love love love your Way of Sacred SHE! Each session has definitely spoken to me. Listening to you receive your messages and visuals is truly awesome in the original most spiritual form of the word. Re the journal entries, even when I think I am not and will not have a story to tell (like when there’s free writing to do) there have been some remarkable blocks revealed. I have been approaching the “free writing” task by asking if there are any messages, blocks, etc. and then going from there, as I don’t feel like I get a strong sense of things to write otherwise.”

T. C. Canada

“I have had hard conversations without any hesitation.. but also grounded with great results. Wow this has been some real powerful work”

Lara N.

“Just wanted to share some experiences from Transmission 4. I listened to it today. I always love the process of entering the records and using the visual imagery to connect with higher self and divine essence but today was something altogether different. I felt myself root down AND channel an ancient energy.

My body moved in a way that I have never moved before. I’m talking tribal-shakira-hips don’t lie-lyrical-interpretive-kali dance. I felt the shakti swirl.

This was so powerful.”

Way Of Sacred SHE participant

(name not included for privacy)

I love love love your Way of Sacred SHE! Each session has definitely spoken to me. Listening to you receive your messages and visuals is truly awesome in the original most spiritual form of the word”. TN, Canada

What a powerful session! Couldn’t believe how it was just for me even though it was a group session”!

 Wow this has been some real powerful work”– L.N. Canada

READY to stop people pleasing, playing nice, and playing small AND instead honour your full feminine power, pleasure, purpose?

 Are you ready to rediscover your deep truth & reclaim the power of your shadow?






Get Full Access Pass $222 USD (Value $777 USD)


3-Month Payment Plan $85 


Pay $888
(Comes with two 30-mins Akashic Private Sessions)

There are NO RETURNS ON PURCHASES. Every effort has been made to make to represent the program in detail and clearly! Should you make a purchase you are held 100% responsible for paying in full.

Join countless women who having been loving the Way Of Sacred SHE transformation.

Meet Tara Preston

Tara Preston is the creatrix of the Flower Of Life Akashic Healing System who over the last 9 years has done approx 5,000 Akashic reading & healing sessions.

She is a 6 figure spiritual business owner, who has spent the last decade working with women at soul-level through one of kind life reinvention transformational packages and Akashic Record work.

She now has a prosperous purpose based business where she guides other women through major life transformations that paves the way for next level prosperity, leadership and legancy work all while rooting deeply into the power of their divine feminine magic.

She weaves the spiritual healing power of not only the Akashic Records, and many other healing tools and feminine embodiment practices to assist her clients in healing deep collective feminine core wounds, and soul-level rooted patterns. By doing this she is able to facilitate deep and transformational work that allows her clients to feel free, powerful, and beautiful in the expression of their purpose in both life & business.

Women quickly feel empowered to step into the spotlight of their lives through Tara’s work, then claiming what it is they truly want without apology, while attracting it with greater ease and pleasure!

Through the last 15 years Tara has discovered how empowered women feel when they are given space to authentically self-express. Whether that authentic self expression is through using their voice, claiming their dreams, sharing their gifts, or presenting themselves in a way that they feel really expresses their unique essence, truth, and power.

Tara helps her clients deeply connect to their intuition, inner beauty, and soul’s vision by working with their natural feminine cycles. She believes that when women root into this intrinsic power, while valuing their divine gifts, and trusting themselves they naturally flow into greater evolution of their authentic expression.

Her greatest gift is her ability to hold a space of love and non-judgement, allowing women to feel safe as they go deep into those messy and imperfect places inside themselves, re-calibrating their life and work so that it nourishes them to the core.

You can learn more about Tara by going to www.tarapreston.com

Copyright © 2020 Tara Preston All rights reserved

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