Learn To Work With Your Soul’s Akashic Record While Moving Through A Deep Divine Feminine Activation.

Discover a revolutionary soul-level approach to women’s empowerment through Akashic Record work.






Does your Divinely wild, wisdom filled essence yearn for freedom beyond the constructs of a society that loves to preach LIMITATION?

The Wild Rose Akashic Woman’s Self-Study Program is a soul -level healing program, with a simplified system to read & clear your own soul level Akashic Record so you can shift once and for all deeply rooted subconscious karmic patterns getting int he way of creating the true change you desire.

You get the basic foundational frame of reference of what it means for women to rise new paradigm feminine prosperity +++ plus the Akashic method to accelerate your own soulful path as a women who is being called to walk her wild sacred in the modern world.


It’s time to  break-free , wouldn’t you agree?

Now is the time…

Now is your time to live in the free, full expression of your pleasure, beauty, purpose, prosperity and the radiance of true divine feminine POWER!

The good news is the rise of the Divine Feminine is here and we are truly entering the golden age of  ROYAL feminine power.

SHE is waiting for you.

The way of love, unity, connection, joyful purpose, and prosperity is yours to walkand to share with others, should you choose through your own path of service.

Currently, there is a deep ache on the planet. Collectively we can feel it. There is a yearning for a return to great love, freedom, unity, beauty, abundance, and wholeness. The re-emergence of the divine feminine is here to assist once again. This is needed at this time as we restore the wounding in the collective, and hi create a new balance of power and prosperity on the planet, and even within each one of us as well.

So much of the healing needed extends past this current timeline, reaching back many, many generations and even past lives before now.

We are being given the opportunity to experience great healing & empowerment past the previous generations before us, however this is often so easier said than done when it comes to rooting into an entirely NEW paradigm of living that often extends beyond the energetic dynamics of our family lineage, particularly for women the matriarchal lineage.

The pain and suffering of the feminine carried along the ancestral matriarchal line is held deep within our cells. The suppression the feminine has felt for many many generations and lifetimes is deep. It can often feel like an energetic burden, or a sense of deep wounding that prevents women from fully creating the lives of prosperity, purpose and power they dream of.

As a direct result women often find themselves looping through self sabotaging pain patterns of disconnect, poverty consciousness, limitation, drain, constant doing and sacrifice.

And, up until now many, many generations of spiritual women suffered dire consequences for standing in their truth and living their authentic purpose. Our Mothers and generations of Mothers before them, very often stayed limited in their most fulfilled expression due to the care taking tendencies of everyone around them. This often left them feeling guilt around the placement of their dreams, needs and desires before others. This conditioning unfortunately is still deep within the patterning of many women still making it challenging to put their own fulfillment before that of others.

Starting and completing this program was like opening and walking through a door I’ve been trying to find for my whole life. I’ve always known that I’m intuitive, but I hadn’t (until now) found the tools and grounded, love based guidance to activate it at the level I was craving.

This program has created a massive shift in my life. I have deeper and clearer communication with my soul. The process brought me face to face with untruths that my ego put on the back burner, but my soul showed me how they were draining my vital energy. I’ve also been shown huge examples of how powerful my inner knowing is, so I can take steps to trust and honor her even more as I move forward in my life and my business.

My constant struggle with lack and scarcity has also been shifting to a much higher level of trust in the divine and the knowing that I am exactly where I need to be in this each moment. I have more trust than ever that alignment with my calling will never require compromise in my heart. I know that I am safe, provided for, and worthy of the abundance I desire.

Tara’s grounded and loving guidance and this program were exactly the activation I’ve been desiring to help me move forward in my life and business with love and truth as my guiding light.

Natalie Pfund

Wellness Coach, Hawaii, USA

The feminine for far too long as been deduced to servant, when really she is here to powerfully, and abundantly LEAD!

It’s her deep soulful desires, her sacred vision, that is needed now more than ever if we are to change the collective story and rise into radiance as we birth a new paradigm of feminine prosperity here on the planet.

It’s time to break free!

As a result of all of this history often, energetic gunk – soul-contracts, illusions, beliefs, patterns, old karma, and energy drains – need to be cleared. This MUST happen if we are to stand in the truth of who we are, and what we are here to do as women.

Personal soul-level patterns, ancestral and collective wounding are held in our cellular memory and at a subconscious soul level. Each soul has an Akashic Record that is held in an energetic 5th dimensional library of infinite wisdom. The Akashic Record of each soul holds the memories, choice points, and traumatic experiences of the soul and once cleared, offers the deepest level of healing, then opening up the way for rapid (but gentle) energetic shifts that support the changes desired along a woman’s evolving sacred path – only now we are not bumping up against the vibration blocks that are held at the deepest level of our being experience greater ease, and fulfillment as we move forward.

Being in the radiant intelligent substance of the Akasha field alone produces a gentle transmission of healing and attunement that assistance with clarity, as well as release.

In order to restore the feminine blueprint within (and globally) we can benefit immensely from having another woman reflect back to us our buried beauty, power, wisdom, sense of innate clarity and the gifts held within. This while simultaneously untangling layers of lifetimes of energetic blocks holding us hostage in past ways of being that do not serve our highest evolution creates accelerated SOUL LEVEL growth.

If we are to experience a rapid acceleration of freedom, balanced power, and prosperity past any generations before us  here on the planet at this time, then we need deep healing tools. We need healing work that gets to the deepest subconscious, sou-level, cellular aspect of our being.  

We need the rise of those that feel called to participate in the planets healing at this time to step forward, to shed the layers of past programming, conditioning and limitation, and say YES to their radiance, prosperity and power.

The Akashic Records have been instrumental for me as I move through so major changes and stress in my life. I have been jouralling, and have accessed the Records by myself frequently.

It’s been a huge help through all the ups and downs I have been dealing with.Learning to trust myself through this work has kept me grounded. My pendulum has been a life saver for me.

I connect with my higher self daily and use the pendulum to navigate my way forward.

Lindsey Rask



The need for deep healing on the planet like never before, but you KNOW it starts with you.

The need for personal deep healing tools (and practices) to assist the collective in breaking free past any generations before us of poverty, sacrifice, dis-empowerment, limitation or scarcity.

The call as a modern woman to walk your sacred prosperous FREE path in service and from a cup that overflows with energy, passion, purpose, abundance and energy.


If so, this is for you…

The Wild Rose Akashic Woman’s Self-Study Program combines the ancient healing wisdom of the Akasha, infused with the love based teachings of the divine feminine to support the restoration, rise and reawakening of greater love, unity, prosperity, passion, pleasure and connection with you, others and on the planet as a whole.

The Akasha is considered the planets deepest healing resource. Seeping through the cracks of modern society is the return of the ancient wisdom of the Akashic Records.

This pure source of love, wisdom and ancient healing will beautifully assist your path, as a sacred women in today’s evolving modern world.

Working in the energy of the Akasha connects you to a high frequency source of healing that will energetically upgrade your body, mind, and emotions as you realign to greater soulful authentic expression in every area of life.

Once only thought to be accessed by seers and very few mystics, the Akasha is making a more prominent return to assist with the accelerated healing needed on the planet at this time providing deep soul level, subconscious, cellular healing that gets to the VERY root of deeply entrenched soul-level blocks.

Working with your Akashic Record and the Akashic Records of others allows you to untangle energetic strands of soul level blocks, illusions, karmic & generational patterns that have you bumping up against layers of pain, drain, limitation, lack and isolation.

Are you ready to:


Access deeper levels of inner wisdom & healing to guide your life as a modern woman feeling the call to walk her sacred in the world?


Clear deeply entrenched soul level patterns as you accelerate your feminine evolution?


Open up to NEW empowering choice points to shift the trajectory of your life towards your desired outcome with so much more ease & clarity.


Release OLD stories associated with your current self-image that are keeping you playing small, while DEFINING NEW empowered stories to support your embodied next level?


Fine tune your intuition?

As you learn to work with the Akasha (Akashic Records) a pure source of love, wisdom & ancient healing for your sacred path as a woman you not only have access to deep wisdom for your sacred path as a women, but you have access to a high frequency field of energy that will energetically upgrade your body, mind, and emotions as you realign to greater soulful authentic expression in every area of life.

Here is the thing…

To walk your sacred path requires that you begin to work with not just your MIND, but with your SOUL, and your heart. It’s a feminine way of being that once tapped into allows you to birth your purposeful life (and business) from the inside out,.

And all with so much more ease, pleasure, and fun!

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a society that supports this way of being – YET. No, we live in a patriarchal society that has existed for almost 5,000 years. This means that women we have been conditioned to do things from a male perspective, and truly so have men, which isn’t a bad thing, however the imbalance is ready to be restored. The feminine way, qualities and characteristic have been lost. There hasn’t been much room for the feminine as collectively she had been suppressed for a long long time with women and within men. But more than that its led to an imbalance of power on the planet, beyond any masculine, or feminine dynamics at play. There is a greater imbalance of power that must be restored if we are to stop the destruction, and suppression of humanity as a whole and I believe that starts with the resurrection of the divine feminine within each one of us.

As the divine feminine within awakens , layers of old programming, blocks, patterns and wounds are asked to be released so we may flow forward into our own natural prosperous, purposeful evolution as modern woman feeling the call to walk their radiant sacred in the world once again. Clearing these layers of blocks, patterns, programs and wounds, opens the path to new choice points supporting us in being conscious powerful creatrix’s of our own lives.

As we begin to simultaneously reclaim our sovereignty, while clearing the layers and lifetimes of energetic subconscious soul-level patterning that has created a disconnect between our true divine nature, we may then fully root back into our true prosperous divine nature as woman. But in order to day we need a deep healing tool that can also get to the VERY root of the patterning that keeps us feeling limited in our experience and full expression.

Very often living your purpose and following the call into your divine feminine empowerment very often healing is required not just through ancestral, soul level healing but around collective wounding as well. For a long time on the planet, we have not had the opportunity to live our purpose like we do now.

The Akashic Records are a powerful tool that assists with rapid soul level ascension while releasing eons of energetic baggage.

 The Divine Feminine is reclaiming her right to be here and within each one of us at this time. The Wild Rose Akashic Self-Study Program (TM) provides a soulful blueprint for her radiant rise individually and collectively.

During this 4-Week Wild Rose Akashic Self-Study Program  you will:

  • Understand how to work with the Akasha for yourself – TO ACCELERATE YOUR FEMININE EVOLUTION

  • Understand who you are as a divine feminine being have a physical experience so you show up powerfully in your own life creating life on your terms.

  • Receive a deep frame of reference around the empowered feminine so you can shift out of wounded feminine pain bodies and patterns

  • Receive a powerful spiritual tool that will work as a sacred ally for your life.

  • Deepen your ability to trust your intuition as you work within the Akasha field/Akashic Records

  • Awaken your own wisdom, and natural gifts

  • Let go at the soul root, past stories/fears holding you back so you can move forward fast.

  • Begin to heal emotional/physical pain as you work with a high-frequency source of love & healing in the Akashic Field.

  • Understand how to use the wisdom of the Akasha to navigate your soul path for clarity

  • Begin clearing out old pain, and stagnant emotional energy beginning a gentle purification process of all energy bodies down to the cellular level so you can open the way to upgraded true lasting soulful change.

  • Activate new levels of consciousness as you clear old energetic “stuff” ready to be released.

  • Learn to read and work with the Akasha on for yourself.

  • Partner with this source of love, wisdom and ancient healing that can beautifully assist your path as a sacred prosperous women in today’s evolving modern world.

  • Understand how to shift beyond limitation, lack, and pain patterns and discover Akashic soul-level clearing work to guide your sacred path as well.

  • How to re-write old stories with a Flower Of Life Akashic Healing Outline for your embodied next level and flourishing feminine path as well!

The Wild Rose Akashic Sel-Study Program focuses on:

  • Worthiness issues

  • Gentle emotional pain release

  • Clearing at the root soul level patterns connected to over-giving, over-doing, drain, disconnect, sacrifice, and care giving tendencies, and much more

  •  Moving beyond feeling stuck, limited or unclear on your sacred

  • Depression

  • Forgiveness

  • Self-love blocks

  • Blocks to feminine prosperity consciousness

  • Personal Power

  • Healing body pain

  • Soul-level, heart and higher self connection.

  • Blocks to divine power

  • Opening up more of your energetic guidance system

The Wild Rose Akashic Self-Study Program Focuses On:

Module 1


The Akashic Records are a deep soul -level tool that accelerates block clearing and feminine transformation. But, what is feminine transformation and how can you harness the power of it over and over again in your life so you are always in the flow of your own evolution?

Once you understand how to embody NEW vibrational states, through soul transformation you will never feel lost again!

Ignite your 2020 self with a group Akashic guided journey. Receive an 21 Day Akashic Women’s Journal to begin to uncover deep daily insights & healing with the Akashic Field to speep up alignment to your next level self. Then later in the program clear the path of energetic entanglement with the deepest spiritual power tool on the planet.

Experience your own self-guided feminine transformation through the power of Akashic Record work that you can do again and again.

Receive homework assignments to kickstart your 2020 transformation.

Module 2


The never enough wound is at the root of the deepest ache on the planet. It’s the absences of Mother Love. The unconditional love of the Divine Mother (the divine feminine) who see’s us, loves us, and cherishes us. So much of the planet hurts because of the absence of this love. It stalls our dreams, cuts us off from receiving our desires, leaves us feeling innately flawed, and continuously pushing forward, drained, and never feeling enough.

In Module 2 We Cover:

🌹 The history and the suppression of the feminine and how that affected both men and women

🌹 Patriarchal consciousnesses and that influence on our current experience and well as generational trauma.

🌹 Inner child work

🌹 The model for new paradigm feminine prosperity (cup that over flows, living on purpose, alignment to truth, balance of giving and receiving)

🌹 Internal sacred union as the foundation for evolutionary feminine leadership.

So much of the soul-level pain that we carry has been passed down not just through different negative choice points made through different past lifetimes , but as a result of this planetary wound, that runs through our feminine lineage (and even our paternal lineage) as well.

How could our Mothers possible love us the way we yearned for when they never experienced that unconditional love either?

In this module you will receive a frame of reference to the origins of the most common wound all women face currently in our collective.

Receive an upgraded template for what new paradigm feminine empowerment is, and boldly claim your highest calling now. Understand how the Akashic Records are a powerful ally to your sacred feminine evolution in these modern and evolving times.

Module 3


Understand the difference between the Akasha (different than the Akashic Records) for soul-level women’s empowerment. Learn how to work with both the Records and the Akashic Field which is a pure, high frequency source of love, wisdom and healing can be accessed for a myriad of purposes including emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing.

The Akashic Field (different than the records) is an ancient source of high vibrational love, healing and wisdom. It is an intelligent, creative field (the Shakti field as I refer to it) that we can work with to elevate our energy, clear emotional stagnation in the body, and draw on for wisdom. It speaks to us with visualizes, and guidance. Its a beautiful playground of creative possibility that we can partner with for healing, activation’s and high vibrational loving energy that acts as a soothing bomb for our central nervous system.

Anyone can learn to work with their Akashic Record and even the Akashic Field, but it requires a delicate understanding of how to “tune in” and read the field/records through our intuition. Pendulum work can help with this until our intuitive skills sharpen.

This is a wonderful, very powerful way to grow in your intuition!

During Module 3 you will receive an in depth breakdown of what the Akasha is, and how to begin working with your own Akashic (soul) Record for deep emotional cellular/subconscious soul-level release. This allows you to untangle, release and clear deeply rooted energetic karmic patterns preventing you from stepping your next level calling – whatever it looks like. 

  • Understand a variety of the most common soul -level blocks with a cheat sheet to dowse through while identifying soul level stories that our playing out in your life, creating karmic patterns and blocks.

  • Clear these deeply rooted blocks creating limiting stories once and for all!

  • Open up vital life force energy for NEW clear empowered life choices to move you into alignment with the woman you are being called to be.

  • Receive a reading sheet outline you can use again and again for your own soul- level healing

You will also program your pendulum for your Akashic Record Practice.

Module 4


You as the conscious creator of Your own experience. You are a QUEEN. It’s time to rise, and embrace yourself as a woman who as the POWER to create life on her terms!

During Module 4 We Will Explore:

  • What it truly mean to live in a universe of free will and free choice?

  • What are positive choices and what are negative choices as well as how this affects future outcome?

  • You as the Creatrix of your own life (intentional creativity to shape your life in authentic alignment with your core desires

  • How to begin to access higher wisdom from the Akashic Records for your sacred path

  • How to re-write your reality with new energetic storytelling, and integrated action steps for true embodied transformation (this is powerful)

  • How to design your own intuitive guided journey & activation in the Akashic Field to support your evolution.

  • A money clearing Akashic Record sheet to clear deeply rooted money blocks

In this module we explore it all!

Here we pull it all together. How to use the Akashic Field for your healing and empowerment.

Understand clearly how to use the Akashic Records to navigate your own sacred path as you uplevel and transform your life into greater and greater alignment with the women you are being called to be!

Nothing will move you forward faster and with greater ease.

Your Bonuses

1 Virtual Flower Of Life Akashic Full Activation Circle & Q & A (Value $197 usd)

***Full Moon Akashic Money Healing & Feminine Prosperity Activation Circles held LIVE throughout the 4-week program of this live teaching.

Take advantage of the money consciousness boosting support that is NOW added in to activate your flourishing feminine path as you step out in service with this revolutionary work!

Make money apart of your sacred path, and create the foundation for a freedom based business that truly supports your highest vision a woman.

Wild Rose Flower Essences

1 30 ML WILD FEMININE FLOWER ESSENCE a for 12 Women  (Value $37 USD)

access to tara and the She ROSE Collective for an entire month (value: priceless!)

Through out the entire 4 week LIVE TRAINING of the Wild Rose Akashic Self-Study Program you have access to Tara for questions through a private Facebook group full of other women in training. The group remains open for you even after the certification is done. There you will have continued support over the next year as you step out with this work.

Course Materials



All Trainings Recorded & while it is suggested you stay in the flow with Tara as she teaches live, you can move through the program at your own pace!

Flower Of Life Akashic Certification 150 Pg Manual

Heart Centered Akasha 21 Pg Journal

Walk the prosperous path of the feminine and live your sacred in a modern world while helping others do the same.


The Wild Rose Akashic Self-Study Program

Regular price $997

Your Investment – $555 USD ONLY!!




There are NO RETURNS ON PURCHASES. Every effort has been made to make to represent the program in detail and clearly! This program has received tried tested and true feedback from over 30 women! Should you make a purchase you are held 100% responsible for paying in full.

The Wild Rose Akashic course has delivered exactly what I needed at exactly the right time.

I found the course to be well structured and paced. It is the perfect blend of foundational information and practical exercises that gave me a new set of tools to assist going deeper with my healing journey, my soul alignment and my intuitive gifts.

I am so in love with this process and look forward to continuing to use it for calling in my future self in the gentle but powerful ways that Tara has given us in working with the Akasha.

Tara offers gentle and loving support along the way with an empowering approach that provides a safe and nurturing environment. She has an amazing way of incorporating her profound connection to the divine feminine into her work.
Lisa McCasky


Begin your journey today.

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