Family Shadow Work 5 Week Akashic Record Recalibration for Light Working Leader Mamas Ready to Rise

There is a lot of energetic enmeshments with our family matrix of origin, and our current family.

But when Mama feels the call to evolve, often the root system of both needs to be energetically untangled to support more space (and movement) for her soulful power, leadership, expression, prosperity and purpose.

The Light Working Leader Mamas Ready to Rise 5 Week Recalibration takes you on a multi-layered, multi timeline journey through all your major relationships, where we examine karmic blocks, vows, pacts, patterns, agreements, contracts and everything else playing out with siblings, spouses, and children and parents.

This is deep awareness and deep clarity around some of your most frustrating relationship patterns.

Old relationship entanglement can be VERY frustrating when your soul is ready to anchor in a new vibrational experience of both your divinity, and your feminine expression.

This program would work well for any woman, who truly knows that her relationships need reharmonizing to create space for her new paradigm path, perspective and purpose.

However, I feel this to be especially important for Mama’s who are leaders of the new paradigm.

Patriarchal consciousness permeates the family unit. And as a woman begins to awaken to the next evolution of her feminine power, and divine purpose, she will very often push up against the energetic capacity, and understanding of those around her.

It can create a sense of push/pull drama, complications with communication, power dynamics, a feeling of carrying others, or leaving others behind.

It can often be confusing.

With tools like the Akashic Records, and Tara’s deep understanding of matrix work through the family unit, there is an opportunity to untangle the old energetics at soul level, creating more space for an upgrade that can re-calibrate not only YOUR experience but your entire family unit and lineage.

When the awakening feminine and authenticity of a woman begins to ground, it has a beautiful healing effect on those around her when she is supported.

During the Family Shadow Work 5 Week Recalibration for Light Working Leader Mama’s Ready to Rise, Tara guides you to work with your own Akashic Record clearing, untangling, and healing primary relationship dynamic entanglement to create more space for your evolutionary woman’s path.

You go deep, deep, deep into breaking down core patterns from childhood with both your maternal / paternal lineage.


✨ You’re feeling stuck or waiting for your family to catch up to all your growth
✨ You have highly sensitive children, and you would love to understand more about their divine nature, finding balance between their journey and yours
✨ You are ready for more space, expression and intimacy in your partnership in a way that reflects all the inner work you’ve done
✨ You constantly feel pulled around by family drama from your family matrix of origin
✨ You feel like you have little space in your relationships for a deeper authentic version of yourself
✨ There are old patterns playing out in your relationships with your Mom that you keep playing into
✨ You feel like your working off or holding family Karma that isn’t yours this could be for you (and is VERY common for the black sheep of the family).



✨ 5 pre-recorded 60-min Akashic Teachings, Clearings and Transmissions combined with deep soul level clearing work to support all major relationships (Lineage, Mother, Father Siblings, Spouse, Children).
✨ PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP for personal shares as you navigate the clearing, and recalibration that will begin to unfold over the 5 weeks (these are pre-recorded so you can journey at your own pace). 


This is a chance to untangle and recalibrate your most important relationships to create space for you. 

All modules are yours for life.


Akashic Record work is powerful. Old patterns begin to dissolve, and things will want to shift, change and rearrange to support this process.




(REG $555 USD Self-Guided Akashic Journey)

INCLUDING: The Sacred Motherhood & Business Masterclass I hosted in the spring (Value $350 USD) 


INCLUDING: The Sacred Motherhood & Business Masterclass I hosted in the spring (Value $350 USD) 

Akashic Family Shadow Work Journey + Private Session $575 USD



There are NO RETURNS ON PURCHASES. Every effort has been made to make to represent the program in detail and clearly! This program has received tried tested and true feedback from over 30 women! Should you make a purchase you are held 100% responsible for paying in full.

Begin your journey today.

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