Book a Flower Of Life Akashic Healing Session to Clear the blocks that are currently restricting the prosperous expression of your true divine feminine nature.

Discover a revolutionary soul-level approach to embody your next level of feminine freedom through Akashic Record work.

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of your soul that have been holding you back beautiful woman?

Would you love to drop into a beautiful field of love, feeling held by a certified Akashic Women’s Guide, as you recalibrate your life to your deepest desires and next level soul’s calling?

You divine woman have the limitless potential to consciously create life on your terms.

And yet, at the edge of our evolution we can bump up against energetic patterns that shackle our human potential.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

The Akashic Records are a energetic portal into an infinite ancient library of deep soul- level memory.

NOW is your time to release the old, and rebirth your most beautiful inner self into outer alignment with the world

These sessions activate, align, and clear the way for you to more fully express, experience and embody your authetnic self with so much more ease and prosperity!

The activations & clearing work that often comes through in a single session can be a repeating block that a woman may have experienced her whole life, leaving her feeling trapped, limited, or stuck.

Once cleared it opens the way for a newly embodied sense of self, that creates clear, quick movement forward.

With the ancient wisdom and healing powers of the Akashic Records we have the opportunity to clear heavy old, outdated karmic patterns that are rising to the surface to be released once and for all, so you may flow forward into more of your soulful evolution with ease!

We are at such an amazing time in our evolution here on the planet, where aligning to our sacred path as women is more and more accessible, however often soul level blocks from many many previous incarnations create disempowering blocks that keep us cycling through old, OLD patterns where we hide our light, and dim our brilliance.

So, if you are feeling heavy, weighed down, and tired of the energetic baggage that’s been following you around for the last year (not to mention decade) and YOU KNOW you NO longer want to be anything less than the radiant, purpose driven, powerful,  women you were born to be…here is your opportunity to experience a delicious soul-level clearing and activation session that naturally (and gracefully) realigns you to your sacred path, beauty and truth.

Through the Flower Of Life Akashic Healing Session a certified Akashic Women’s Guide brings to light the beauty of your divine feminine, so you can flow with the ease, pleasure and abundance you truly desire!

An Akashic Women’s Guide holds a compassionate space of love and non-judgment that allows women to move into greater visible authentic expression in every area of life, unleashing the fulfillment they want quickly moving through YEARS (not to mention lifetimes), or blocks, pain and wounding.

Each sessions gives you the clearing work, energetic support, intuitive guidance, and embodiement action steps that will quickly align you to what you truly want more of, and who you are being called to next!

It’s time to  break-free , wouldn’t you agree?

‘Now is the time…

Now is your time to live in the free, full expression of your pleasure, beauty, purpose, prosperity and the radiance of true divine feminine POWER!

 Each Flower Of Life Akashic Healing Session is a deep journey into the root system of your current soul-level, subconscious blocks, which then are cleared, shifting vibrational patterns and stories that were creating unnecessary limitation in your experience.

An experienced Akashic Women’s Guide provides the clearing work, and energetic alignment needed to confidently shine as the abundant, powerful sacred women you truly are.

Women often find after a single session that they are able to create changes quickly, and find it much easier to celebrate the true divine beauty that they really are, naturally attracting MORE of what they want: money, clients, relationships and opportunities!

During a session with an Akashic Women’s Guide she will align the beauty or your limitless feminine essence clearing old karmic blocks rooted in patriarchal conditioning, so you can flow forward with the self-loving radiance you are naturally designed to.

A Flower Of Life Akashic Session ™ Can address the following areas:

  • blocks to self love
  • relationship blocks
  • money blocks
  • emotional healing
  • mother wound/father wound issues
  • co-dependency patterns
  • Abandonment issues
  • creative stagnation
  • power
  • visibility
  • next level hesitations
  • feeling stuck
  • lack of life direction clarity
  • body pain
  • inner child healing
  • and any other issues that may be presenting itself as a next level layer of healing to support your evolution as a women who is feeling the call to step into more of her fully embodied free self.

Each session is an opportunity to:

  • clarify who you are being called to be next (through an Akashic Future Self Timeline Activation inspired by your higher self)
  • Discover your primary soul level feminine leadership archtype
  • get crystal clear on your soul-level desires
  • access higher wisdom to guide your path
  • step more fully into your power
  • clear deeply rooted blocks & present lifetime stories of limitation
  • emotionally release
  • create NEW empowered stories at a subconscious level to consciously & quickly design your life into alignment with your soul-level desires
  • embody more and more of the woman you are being called to be, experiencing vibrational shifts for quick manifestation of your next level soul’s calling.

 EMAIL: with questions or to book a 15 min free consultation.

These beautiful spacious sessions provide the deepest level of healing work (some would even say the deepest level available on the planet today)  therefore getting to the very ROOT of blocks that many other modalities can not.

It’s not uncommon for women to feel like they have lost pounds of energetic weight even after one session.

The soul is much older than just this experience alone, and at this time of accelerated growth on the planet, the Akashic Records provide the deepest level of healing with additional clarity and alignment that moves you forward very quickly.

The blocks that are cleared can show up through any area of life (we are whole beings after all), and once cleared can allow you to realign various aspects of your true limitless nature to that which you are desiring to create.

We are always being guided to greater love, and more abundance.

 A Flower Of Life Akashic Healing work has created a massive shift in my life. I have deeper and clearer communication with my soul. The process brought me face to face with untruths that my ego put on the back burner, but my soul showed me how they were draining my vital energy. I’ve also been shown huge examples of how powerful my inner knowing is, so I can take steps to trust and honor her even more as I move forward in my life and my business.

My constant struggle with lack and scarcity has also been shifting to a much higher level of trust in the divine and the knowing that I am exactly where I need to be in this each moment. I have more trust than ever that alignment with my calling will never require compromise in my heart. I know that I am safe, provided for, and worthy of the abundance I desire.

Tara’s grounded and loving guidance was exactly the activation I’ve been desiring to help me move forward in my life and business with love and truth as my guiding light.

Natalie Pfund

Wellness Coach, Hawaii, USA

We are being given the opportunity to experience great healing & empowerment past the previous generations of women before us, however this is often so easier said than done when it comes to rooting into an entirely NEW paradigm of living that often extends beyond the energetic dynamics of our family lineage, particularly for women the matriarchal lineage, however it’s not uncommen to dive into our masculine lineage as well as we heal our ancestral trauma and imprints, coming into a NEW inner union of both our KING & QUEEN codes.

The pain and suffering of the feminine carried along the ancestral matriarchal line is held deep within our cells. The suppression the feminine has felt for many many generations and lifetimes is deep. It can often feel like an energetic burden, or a sense of deep wounding that prevents women from fully creating the lives of prosperity, purpose and power they dream of.

As a direct result women often find themselves looping through self sabotaging pain patterns of disconnect, poverty consciousness, limitation, drain, constant doing and sacrifice.

It’s time to  break-free , wouldn’t you agree?

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There are NO RETURNS ON PURCHASES. Every effort has been made to make to represent the program in detail and clearly! This program has received tried tested and true feedback from over 30 women! Should you make a purchase you are held 100% responsible for paying in full.

The Flower Of Life Akashic Sessions are amazing!

They have greatly accelerated my path towards living my dream life while tapping into my soul purpose.

I feel lighter and inspired.

I love the safe space created by my Akashic guide.

It allows to me work through the blocks and emotions with more grace feeling supported every step of the way. I can’t say enough about this work and these sessions in helping me achieve goals and desires while feeling purpose, connection and love ( for myself, others and life ) I have been able to quickly embrace my gifts and use them to support myself & others.

Things have really shifted in my life and relationships.

Highly recommend!!!

Lucie Kolmacka, Certified Akashic Women's Guide & Hypnotherapist


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